Women Love Women: Three To Read

In the honour of women everywhere, here is a compilation of our sapphic fiction recommendations.

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March 8th is Women’s Day. It is the one-day society is assigned and reminded to cherish women and not walk all over them as they do on other days. March is the month of women appreciation, our theme is everything woman. On this noble day, we have brought to you some recommendations that have women adoring and loving each other.

The women love women genre, also known as Sapphic stories has finally started getting some attention. As it deserves a lot more love, here are our recommendations for this genre!

Hot Pick

No Rings Attached

By Rachel Lacy
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The story is about Lia Harris who is a woman tired of being the odd one. She doesn’t exactly fit in everywhere. When her mother’s meddling reaches a new height and her brother’s wedding is nearby, Lia may have just lied about having a girlfriend. In comes Grace Poston. Poston isn’t looking for love but she agrees to be Lia’s plus one for the wedding. What follows is a weekend full of undeniable chemistry, one-bed trope, and annoying relatives.


Though the book is the second installment in Rachel Lacy’s series Ms. Right, the book can be read without reading the first one. The book use the popular tropes in the most entertaining manner. Lacy includes everything important to a story like romance, self-reflection as well as tingling chemistry.

Dark Horse

My Dearest Darkest

By Kayla Cottingham
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Finch Chamberlin is the newest transfer student to the ultra-competitive Ulalume Academy… but she isn’t exactly who she appears to be. Finch and her parents were involved in an accident, months before school started that should have resulted in her death at the river’s bottom. Something enormous, old, and dreadful, however, would not allow her to drown. Finch isn’t sure why she awoke after her heart stopped, but she’s felt a persistent pull from the school and the nearby town of Rainwater since she died as if something on the island is beckoning to her. Selena St. Clair sees straight through Finch and knows there’s something wrong with her and yet she is drawn to her.


My Dearest Darkest has an eerie setting that is ripe with tension. Romantic as well as life-threatening. It has monsters, death, and students trying to survive. The book will release on 29th March and is bound to make you gasp and keep you interested throughout.

Coffee shop Read

The Romance Recipe

By Ruby Barrett
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Amy will go to any length to save her failing restaurant, even if it means hiring a former reality show contestant with plenty of connections and a lot to prove. But her dreams that Sophie’s abilities and star profile would pull her business back from the verge of disaster are beginning to waver. Sophie is just interested in cooking. She doesn’t want to cope with Amy’s commanding attitude or consider what her attraction to her boss may entail. 


The book is set to publish on 28th June 2022 and is sure to be a great read. Ruby is known for writing steamy romances that have their fair share of drama and yet are light and casual. The book will be perfect for a one sitting binge of romance.

Sapphic fiction has beat all odds and great books are finally getting the limelight. For this reason grab and book these great reads!

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