National Graduation Tassel Day: Three To Read

Well done, class of 2022! No matter what age or institution you’ve graduated from, we’re proud of you! Here are three books that examine postgrad life!

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three to read

Hello, book lovers! Welcome back to another edition of Bookstr’s Three to Read. Today, we are celebrating our graduating class of 2022! May 17th is National Graduation Tassel Day and we are helping grads cross over from one era to another through these three novels. From one graduate to another, let’s press on and live our best postgrad life!

Hot Pick:

One True Loves

by Elise Bryant



Recent high school graduate, Lenore Bennette, may be committed to style, but she sure hasn’t committed to a major yet at NYU. Being a young Black woman, Lenore’s parents constantly remind her that she does not have the same privileges of making decisions on the fly; she must have a plan in order to succeed. How can she strive for victory when she doesn’t even know what she’s fighting for? Things get interesting when the Bennette’s board a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate Lenore’s graduation. Here, Lenore meets the hopeless romantic (and expert planner) Alex Lee who shows her more than just his ten-year plan.


One True Loves author, Elise Bryant, is an NAACP Image Award-nominated author for her Happily Ever Afters series. This novel explores the anxiety that comes with having to be decisive after graduating. To put more pressure on the wound, it examines how sometimes external factors may impact graduates from pursuing their dreams. It is a touching story of love and being honest with yourself.

Coffee Shop Read:

The Mismatch

by Sara Jafari

the mismatch


After finally graduating from university, Soraya Nazari decides that it’s time to take life by the reigns and catch up on everything she missed out on growing up. Essentially, she just wants to get her first kiss over with. Soraya sets her sights on Magnus Evans—the epitome of a British rugby lad. A kiss from Magnus with no strings attached sounds like the perfect mismatch! But once Soraya sees that there’s much more to Magnus than his facade lets up.


British-Iranian author Sara Jafari’s debut novel, The Mismatch, has been praised for its portrayal of postgrad life. By going out of her comfort zone and allowing herself to open her heart, Soraya has a chance to live the life she’s always wanted to when growing up. Navigating postgrad life can be difficult, but Jafari has created a relatable, yet unique, love story between Soraya and Magnus that will have readers cheering them on!

Dark Horse:

School Days

by Jonathan Galassi

school days


From being a student to becoming a professor, Sam has dedicated much of his life to Leverett High School in Connecticut. However, things turn dark when it is discovered that Sam’s former classmate has raised allegations of sexual abuse he experienced. Sam must confront the horrid things he witnessed all his years at Leverett in this story that is described as a “deeply observed portrait of a particular type of American meritocracy, with all its flaws.”


Jonathan Galessi, President and Publisher of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, has delivered a captivating story this year. School Days explores the story of a man who has lived the high school experience, graduated, and eventually returned to the place that started it all. Galessi also shows the impact and influence both professors and peers have on an individual’s life.

We wish you good luck, grads! For last week’s Three to Read, click here.