My Top 5 Favorite ‘New Moon’ Movie Moments

While ‘New Moon’ is arguably the most depressing movie in the Twilight saga, it’s still one of my favorites. These 5 moments are the reasons why.

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At the beginning of New Moon, we see Edward and his family leaving Forks for an undisclosed location, since people are starting to notice how Carlisle is not aging normally. Edward feels like he absolutely must leave Bella behind for her safety, but he manages to break both his own and Bella’s heart in the process. She assumes he is leaving without her because she is only a lowly human, and she believes that Edward could never truly care for her. But we know that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Today we’re going to be looking at my favorite scenes from New Moon. There is so much that happens in this movie, and some pretty unforgettable scenes. Starting with my fifth favorite…

5. Carlisle stitches up Bella’s arm

Carlisle stitches Bella's arm New Moon

Now I am Team Edward through and through, but someone please tell me why there is so much chemistry between Carlisle and Bella in this scene? Maybe its just because they are two attractive people in close proximity for the delicate process of wound dressing, but Bella looked like she was ready to risk it all with Carlisle for a second there!

In all seriousness though, I love this scene because it truly shows how much Carlisle accepts and welcomes Bella into their unconventional family and way of life. He sees the positive affect she has on Edward, and he is willing to put deal with the entire complicated and difficult situation, all for the happiness of his son. The scene also shows how comfortable Bella feels around Carlisle. She does not look worried for one minute that he will lose control with her. 

4. Edward leaves Bella

Edward leaves Bella New Moon

Now, you might be thinking, “Why on earth would that be one of your favorite parts of the movie?” But hear me out. I am a sucker for sad and emotional moments, and if this scene didn’t happen as heartbreakingly as it did, then the end wouldn’t be nearly as impactful. 

Edward has to lie to Bella, telling her that she doesn’t belong with him and that he doesn’t want her to come with him. He manages to break her heart in the worst possible way, by confirming her fears that he is just too good for her. 

The look of sadness and panic in Bella’s eyes once the realization of what Edward is telling her sets in is crushing, every time I watch it. The worst part is that we all know he didn’t mean it one bit! In fact, he 100% believed that Bella was far too good for him. He only thought he was doing what was best for her safety and for her soul. 

3. Bella’s reaction to Edward leaving

Depressed Bella New Moon

There are many iconic and memorable moments throughout The Twilight Saga, but one that always stands out to me is the montage of the months following Edward’s departure. We see the seasons changing, but Bella stays in her room. She remains unchanging, immovable, and so wrought with grief that she practically stops living. 

The 360 cinematography and the excellent choice of song, combined with Bella’s empty and vacant stare, enable the viewer to imagine exactly what Bella must have been feeling throughout that time. She is heartbroken to the point that she simply gave up on doing anything more than just surviving. That is, until Jacob came back into her life.

2. Jacob gives Bella a reason to live again

Jacob and Bella New Moon

I have personally never been Team Jacob, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see how much of a positive impact he had on Bella’s life after Edward went away. He brought light and happiness back into her life, and gave her a much needed distraction from her pain and deep loss. Without him, who knows what would have happened to Bella? Jacob became her best friend, and no one can blame her for developing feelings for him when she believed that Edward never truly cared about her. Jacob brought back Bella’s smile and gave her back some hope for her future, and for that I am grateful for the role he played in her life.

1. Bella and Edward are reunited

Bella and Edward's reunion in Italy New Moon

My absolute favorite moment from the entire movie is when Bella goes to Italy to save Edward from making the mistake of revealing himself to the humans, which would then force the Volturi to kill him as punishment. While Bella still doesn’t believe that Edward loves her, she does know that he is trying to get himself killed as punishment for being the cause of Bella’s death (or so he thinks). From Bella’s sprint across the town square, to Edward’s disbelief that he is really seeing her in his arms, it is by far my favorite moment in New Moon, and perhaps my favorite moment and kiss of the entire series. 

It’s hard to narrow it down, but those were my top 5 favorite New Moon moments! If you haven’t rewatched The Twilight Saga yet this fall, then what are you doing? 

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