My Hero Academia Officially Ends With 5 More Chapters

The end of My Hero Academia is nearly here! Read to learn what that means for the characters of this heroic tale.

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Since its first issue was released in Shounen Jumps Weekly Magazine in 2014, My Hero Academia (or MHA) has taken the Shounen world by storm. From multiple volumes (now at 40), three movies with another set to release this year, multiple manga spin-offs, its anime counterpart on its seventh season, and a huge fanbase still going strong, the franchise is more popular than ever. Whether it’s in praise of the storytelling or debate on the latest chapters, you can’t deny its pop culture significance.

Warning: The following contains spoilers from My Hero Academia manga.

The End is Near

Izuku Midoriya with seven different colored lights, representing his power, One for All.

The latest chapters bring an end to the ground-breaking battle between Izuku Midoriya (Deku) and the big bad villain, All for One, who still had control over Shigaraki Tomura. Though a sad conclusion, Shigaraki, in the end, was able to spend his last moments free, stating how he lived the way he wanted to: to destroy what he hated. Readers assumed that chapters after 423 would tie everything together and bring this hero tale to an end. 

However, a Crunchyroll article describes a recent X (formerly Twitter) post from the official My Hero Academia account, revealing that the manga’s conclusion draws closer with only five more chapters left, the last being released by August 5, 2024.

The author of MHA, Kohei Horikoshi, even commented to say:

“Sorry for taking two weeks off! My schedule got all mixed up and it ended up like a Mille-feuille!

There are only 5 episodes left.

You may be thinking “What? Five more chapters?”, or “Only five more to go?”, but we’ll do our best to make the next five chapters enjoyable for both the fans, Deku and everyone!

It was a little rocky at times, but I was able to draw Deku and the others for nearly 10 years thanks to all of you who continued to the read the series.

It was nothing more than a dream. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And with that, I’ll see you again in the next issue of Jump!”

Kohei Horikoshi – Author of My Hero Academia

Loose Ends

A minor concern is whether after the contents of chapter 425, will five more chapters be enough for Horikoshi to tie everything nicely for the best possible conclusion, and for the man to get a well-deserved rest finally. Some important loose ends need more expansion for certain characters.

Ochaco Uraraka’s Turmoil

Uraraka Ochaco sadly attempting to rid of her feelings for Midoriya.

Ever since Uraraka realized she’s in love with Midoriya, she has grappled with shooting those feelings down, focusing on being the best hero she can be, forcing herself to think that her passion for Deku will only get in the way. At the end of the Final War Arc, she’s seen weakly encouraging Deku as he deals in the final punch at All for One, a smile adorning her face. However, in chapter 425, she seems to distance herself from Deku, deflecting his attempts to talk with her. Whatever’s going on with her currently, hopefully, will be handled with care during these last chapters as a panel of her in chapter 424 shows her contemplating face. Her story isn’t over yet.

The Todoroki Family’s Unfinished Family Troubles

The Todoroki family lined up for the manga volume: Toya, Shouto, Fuyumi, and Rei. Endeavor is not included in the frame.

The Todoroki family’s troubles don’t end with the defeat of Dabi. The last panels of chapter 425 show a wheelchaired Endeavor sitting across from mysterious machinery and Todoroki Shouto putting on a determined face, bracing for upcoming turmoil. The Todoroki family has always been the most complex part of MHA. Endeavor’s abuse toward his family, Rei’s hospitalized after so much trauma, Shouto’s coming to terms with who he is in the family and as his person, and his siblings being sidelined as unimportant to Endeavor; they still have a long way to go before this family can fully heal, and that might come with what happened with the notorious Dabi.

A New Villain?

A potential new villain crying as he walks through a destroyed city,

Defeating All for One doesn’t end the reign of villains, there will always be new ones to come, and it looks like one is showing up to be a potential threat. With strings coming out of him (maybe his quirk) and tears falling from his eyes, is this a new bad guy that’s stumbling through a destroyed landscape, or will this be Deku’s opportunity to save them with kind empathetic words? Words that couldn’t truly save Shigaraki, but maybe Deku has a shot with this new character.

This year is the end of a great manga. And while manga readers wait for the last chapters in anticipation, anime viewers still have a long way to go, watching with great eagerness as the Final War Arc begins with a bang.

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