Music’s Biggest Night: 5 Book Recommendations Inspired By This Year’s ‘Best Album’ Nominees

With this year’s Grammy awards right around the corner, here are book recommendations inspired by some of this year’s biggest records.

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It’s almost ‘Music’s Biggest Night’! Late 2020 through 2021 definitely gave the world some good music. From radio hits to hidden gems, this year’s Grammy awards are sure to recognize and celebrate some of music’s greatest moments from this past award season. If you’re a fan of this year’s nominees or just looking for some new reads, here are some book recommendations inspired by some of this year’s ‘Album Of The Year’ contenders. 

*Note: this article features just a few of this year’s great albums and does not mean that any albums are better than others. If I left out an album that you are truly and deeply passionate about, feel free to yell at me in social media comments. Happy Reading!

Planet Her By Doja Cat

Doja Cat is one of this year’s biggest names. Her songs have been all over TikTok for multiple years now and her third album Planet Her was released this past summer. With songs like “Woman”, “Need To Know”, and “Kiss Me More”, Planet Her explores themes of femininity and sexuality. 

If you like Planet Her I’d recommend: 

Master of None By N. Lee Wood


Master of None is a sci-fi novel in which Nathan Crewe finds himself on Vanar, a planet that is ruled by women. Through this premise, the novel explores themes of gender and power dynamics.

Happier Than Ever By Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is no stranger to the Recording Academy. In July of 2021, she released her latest album. With songs like ‘Happier Than Ever’, ‘Therefore I Am’ , and ‘Male Fantasy’, Happier Than Ever explores themes of fame, love, and strength.

If you like Happier Than Ever I’d recommend: 

The Ghost Network By Catie Disabato


The world’s hottest pop star, Molly Metropolis, has gone missing right before a big performance. When a journalist teams up with Molly’s personal assistant on a search to find the singer, secrets are revealed.

Montero By Lil Nas X

‘Old Town Road’ singer Lil Nas X continued to grow his success this year. Montero, which was released just over a year ago, is the singer’s first album. With songs like ‘Industry Baby’, ‘Montero’ and ‘That’s What I Want’, Montero explores themes of sexuality and self-acceptance.

If you like Montero I’d recommend: 

   Look By Zan Romanoff


Look follows the story of Lulu Shapiro, a social media influencer whose account goes viral after she accidentally posts a video of her hooking up with another woman. Similar to Montero, Look deals with themes of finding and accepting your identity.

Sour By Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo made a splash this year with her debut album Sour. The 19-year-old singer is also up for ‘Best New Artist’ this year. With songs like ‘Driver’s License’, ‘Deja Vu’,  and ‘Traitor’, Sour explores themes of young love, breakups, and insecurity.

If you like Sour I’d recommend: 

   Four Days of You and Me By Miranda Kenneally


This bookfollows Alex and Lulu, students at Coffee County High School. Every May 7th the school takes students on a school trip and every May 7th Alex and Lulu are seemingly forced to reconnect and confront their growing connection. Four Days of You and Me explores the theme of love, has the classic enemies to lovers trope, and hey – you might even get deja vu.

Evermore By Taylor Swift

Evermore has been deemed the sister album of Swift’s 2020 album Folklore, which won ‘Album of the Year’ at last year’s ceremony. With songs such as ‘Willow’, ‘Gold Rush’, and ‘Ivy’, Evermore explores themes of love and mental health and has a very woodsy feel. 

If you like Evermore I’d recommend: 

Our Endless Numbered Days By Claire Fuller


Eight-year-old Peggy is taken from her London home by her father to a remote hut in the woods. He tells her the world has been destroyed. Peggy and her father make a life in the woods and remain comfortable- that is until Peggy finds a pair of boots and begins to search for its owner. Secrets are revealed and Peggy’s world is forever changed.

We hope you like these picks! The 2022 Grammy Awards will be airing on Sunday, April 3rd, 2022 on CBS. 

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