Moon Knight Episode 3 Explained: New Characters and The Third Identity

Moon Knight episode 3 continues the fast paced and mystical feel of the series as we see the skies change and meet some new characters from the comics, including Marc’s third Identity.

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Moon Knight Episode 3, “The Friendly Type,” has arrived, meaning we have reached the half-point in the series, with only three more episodes to decipher. So join us as we delve into last week’s episode, piecing together the meaning behind the new characters, who the third identity is, comics references, and the shocking ending.

Caution: Spoilers Ahead



Episode 3 solidifies what we already know: Layla is the MCU version of Marlene Alraune. Like Marlene in the comics, we find out that Layla, Marc Spector’s wife, is the daughter of an archeologist who met his death in Egypt while on an excavation. However, despite the similarities, it can’t be ignored that this new version of the character has a lot more spunk and plays a more active role.  

This latest episode brings Layla to the forefront as we dive into her past, starting the episode with Layla getting a fake passport to go home to Egypt after a decade-long avoidance. In this initial scene, we find out Layla acts as a reverse Indiana Jones, who works in antiquities, stealing Egyptian artifacts for a living and returning them to their rightful places. We also find out that the scarab belonged to her father, whose identity within the MCU is still crowded in mystery, despite its hints at being comic book accurate. Layla even takes the lead in finding the Surcoughagus that Mark needs through her contacts Anton Mogart and Bek, who are minor Moon Knight characters from the comics. 

To add more curiosity to what the MCU holds in store for Layla and any upcoming series, Bek mentions Madripoor, first introduced to The MCU in Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Additionally, the city-state is home to Sharon Carter’s criminal business as Power Broker and many X-Men stories in the comics, maybe hinting at a segway into the X-Men. 

Moon Knight’s Third Personality

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This episode also continues the battle between Marc Spector and Steven Grant while hinting at a third more deadly personality for possession of the body. Marc tries to get information regarding Ammit’s tomb and Harrow’s whereabouts in the opening scenes; as Grant keeps him from doing any actual harm, Spector blackouts and awakens to a bloody scene.  After accusing Grant of committing the violent acts Spector awakens to, Grant responds that it wasn’t him, confirming to the audience there is a third personality. Although Marvel may pull a fast one on comic fans, It can’t be helped to think that this third unknown identity is Jake Lockley, an American taxi driver and one of Moon Knight’s three most common personalities, along with Spector and Grant.  

After multiple interferences by the third personality, Marc asks Khonshu to help him talk to the other gods and ask for help.  Khonshu agrees and sends “a signal the gods can’t ignore” by turning the day into night. This caught the eyes of the Ennead, causing an abrupt meeting between their avatars. The next scene, which lacked the energy consistent in the rest of the show, took place inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, where the Avatars of Hathor, Isis, Osiris, Tefnut, and Horus meet with Spector, who Khonshu temporarily takes over. 

The Enneads

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As Spector and Khonshu make a case against Harrow, the rest of the Ennead warn Khonshu that his irresponsible use of his powers and meddling will cost him to be trapped in stone.  They bring Harrow, the accused, to the trial, where Harrow lies about his motives and uses Marc’s mental illness to negate their claims. 

After the meeting has ended, Yatzil, Hathor’s avatar, reveals to Spector that the gods do not know where Ammit is buried, only Senfu, the Medjay, who recorded where Ammit was buried.  Yatzil’s interference is important as Hathor is not only Khnoshu’s half-sister in the comics but also Bast’s, the Wakandan God, hinting at a possible connection to Black Panther, whose sequel is set to premiere in November of this year. 

Despite the grandeur setting, the scene still felt lackluster due to its monotonous tone, yet it included some much-needed information and incorporated more of the comics into the show. For example, although there are nine Enneads, we have only met (or have been introduced) to seven, suggesting there are other gods to be featured that have much more prominent roles to play.  This scene also explains that the gods have abandoned the human race and have moved on to the Overvoid. Consisting of Pyramids in a pocket dimension, the Overvoid, or Celestial Heliopolis, is the Egyptian gods’ home that first appeared in a 1975 Thor comic and got a major upgrade in ​​Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood’s run on Moon Knight

Midnight Man

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While trying to find the sarcophagus of Senfu, Mark runs into Layla, who then uses her contacts to track it down to Anton Morgart.  Mogart, in the comics, plays Midnight Man, an art thief who strikes at midnight. Like the comics, Anton procures artifacts but claims it is his “philanthropic effort at preservation” and is his responsibility to keep them safe, therefore keeping the rarities for himself.  Although there is no QR code in this week’s episode, the website was updated to include Moon Knight #3 Midnight Means Murder, where Morgart steals a Monet Oil Painting from the Ramadan Art Gallery.

Also appearing in the comics is Bek, known as Kareesh-Bek, a knife thrower in Moon Knight #18. Although a peculiar character to highlight, the MCU has often elevated more minor characters into more significant roles.


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In the end, Layla and Marc get the map from the sarcophagus and, with Khonshu’s help, turn back the night to find precisely where Ammit’s tomb is. But unfortunately, Khonshu’s display of power leads to him being imprisoned in stone by the gods, who seem to favor Harrow. This imprisonment has left Marc/Steven without the protection of Khonshu, leading us to wonder how the second half of the season will fare now that they are on their own.  If Marc’s fighting skills from earlier on in the episode are of any indication, they will do fine, but there are still many obstacles left in their way.

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