MBTI Personalities of Famous Literary Characters – Part One

The 16 different personality types but for famous fictional characters! Which character will you most relate to?

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Have you taken the MBTI test? The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, sorts everyone into 16 personalities based on extroversion/introversion, sensing/intuition, feeling/thinking and judging/perceiving. But real people aren’t the only ones who can be sorted into these personalities, fictional people can too! Let’s see which famous literary characters belong to each personality type and why.

ESTJ – Mycroft Holmes from the Sherlock Holmes series


committed * powerful * reliable * critical * inflexible * apathetic

If you have ever read Sherlock Holmes, you know Sherlock is always mucking up Mycroft’s perfectly laid plans. Mycroft is all about efficiency, and that comes from order, organization and quick starts on tasks. Unlike his brother, Mycroft is not a people person. He can come to incorrect conclusions about people because he does not know how to study them like Sherlock. Mycroft is very serious and dedicated but not the most emotional. Some argue Mycroft could also be INTP, ISTJ or INTJ, but overall his natural tendency to gravitate towards social outings (even if he isn’t the best sport) pins him as ESTJ.

ISTJ – Edward Cullen from the Twilight series


honest * responsible * calm * stubborn * traditional * insensitive

ISTPs are loyal to the people they love and nothing truer could be said about Edward. He is loyal to his family and to Bella, protecting the ones he loves with his life. It is also pretty evident with this savior complex that he prefers traditional gender roles. Edward always seems to be rescuing Belle and acts like her guardian. When they first meet, his reserved, cold nature is also evident but maybe that is because well… he’s a vampire. His extreme devotion, dedication and practicality is proof Edward is ISTJ.

ESTP – Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind


outgoing * practical * bold * impatient * defiant * insensitive

Scarlett loves being the center of attention, even if it is negative attention. When all of the women complain about her scandalous tendencies of taking all of the men for herself, at first she fells hurt. But that does not stop Scarlett from popping right back up again. She lives in a me-me-me world. The only emotions she cares about are her own and she makes that very clear. However, she is resourceful in trying to pull her life back together after the North wins the war. Scarlett can be an opportunist but you will never catch her slacking on a chance, just like other ESTPs.

ISTP – Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings


careful * spirited * energetic * mulish * harsh * risky

Aragorn does not talk much about his thoughts and feelings. He is objective and may seem harsh, but he is just being rational. Aragorn is a fearless warrior, a quick thinker and a great leader. However, despite his lone-wolf attitude, Aragorn requires aid from Gandalf and Frodo in decision-making because he does not trust himself. He often feels disconnected with himself and his feelings, which Arwen has to help him through. Overall, Aragorn is a very mysterious character, and ISTP people usually are

ESFJ – Wendy Darling from Peter Pan


practical * loyal * warm * stubborn * needy * emotional

Wendy doesn’t like the sad truth of the world. She spends her time making everyone around her feel comfortable, whether it be her siblings or Peter. Wendy is a natural caretaker who in a way “adopts” the lost boys and acts as their mother. In any case, Wendy does not want to be alone and is most happy surrounded by others. Unlike Peter, Wendy is practical and realizes she has to leave Neverland and grow up, because you can’t stay a child forever. She is friendly, kind and loving, making her the perfect ESFJ.

ISFJ – Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


helpful * reliable * observant * repressed * scared * consistent

Arthur is a bit of a homebody. He likes to stay at home, drink tea and have a very stable, easy life. Of course we know this isn’t how it ends up for dear Arthur. During his adventure, Arthur only wishes to go home back to his normal life and recounts his past often. Yet, he never seems to understand why he feels the way he does, just that he doesn’t like it. Still, Arthur is very observant and curious about the new world. He finds connections and asks loads of questions in the effort to understand. This straight-forward, somewhat grumpy fellow certainly is an ISFJ.

ESFP – Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series


bold * funny * sociable * sensitive * careless * unfocused

The true class clown, Ron aims to be entertain. He takes things at face value and very rarely plans out anything he does. Anything that looks exciting or appealing he goes for, even if there may be consequences. Hermione often has to rein Ron in just so he doesn’t get himself expelled or killed. Ron goes with his gut and not his head, which often leads to poor choices. And, we wouldn’t have it any other way. He is adventurous to a fault but loveable nonetheless, making Ron an ESFP.

ISFP – Jon Snow from Game of Thrones


charming * passionate * deep * chaotic * stressed * distrustful

Jon always had intense emotions and strong scruples. He aims to please yet still holds his place as a strong ruler. He is calm, cool and collected yet makes companions easily due to his charming nature. Jon fights for what he believes in, even if he has to keep his beliefs quiet for a time. Though he is able to be intelligent, he follows his heart in most of his decisions, which make him endearing. Even the audience of the television adaptation fell in in love with this ISFP!

These were just the first 8 out of 16 possible personalities from the MBTI test. To see the other 8 personalities and their respective characters, read part 2 here!