Limited Edition Hip Hop Art Book Celebrates 90s Artists

Rap Sheet, the oldest magazine on hip hop, is releasing a legacy collection to celebrate the magazine. Here’s why you might want to get one too.

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Tenacious Books is releasing The Rap Sheet Legacy Collection, organized by Darryl James. The limited edition art book is a collection of popular hip-hop artists and includes the covers of Rap Sheet, which was the first-ever hip-hop newspaper. In celebration of the history of hip hop and that the magazine reached over 100 issues, The Rap Sheet Legacy Collection shows some of the best moments of the magazine and other pieces of unique content. Here’s what makes The Rap Sheet Legacy Collection so special and why you might want to add it to your collection.

What is The Rap Sheet Legacy Collection?

Rap Sheet has been around since 1992 and is still one of the most prominent hip-hop magazines. Darryl James, the founder, has been in charge of keeping the magazine up to date and is still one of the most reliable guides to hip hop. The magazine follows its values of innovation, diversity, and authenticity. The Rap Sheet Legacy Collection celebrates everything that Rap Sheet has done for the music industry.

The Rap Sheet Legacy Collection cover by Darryl James

The Rap Sheet Legacy Collection is a limited edition, and editions are being sold for $50 at first, and then later at $75. Orders are placed directly through the Rap Sheet website. Every edition will be signed and numbered, aimed to be collectible books celebrating the history of hip hop, especially the prominent artists in the 1990s.

As an art book, it will be a collection of covers from the magazine and photographs from the history of hip-hop. Much of it will be exclusive to the magazine. Rap Sheet has always had a unique art style that has made it notable within the industry, so The Rap Sheet Legacy Collection will collect the covers and designs that made the magazine so memorable.

Who Runs Rap Sheet?

Rap Sheet was founded in 1992 by Darryl James, but many others have contributed and helped with the magazine throughout its history. Giulio Costanzo was one of the designers for the original magazine and also helped design The Legacy Rap Sheet Collection. KRS-One, a previous editor of the magazine, also contributed to the opening of The Legacy Rap Sheet Collection. So not only does the collection commemorate the art style and artists throughout 90s hip hop, but it also celebrates the collection of people who contributed to the magazine.

While not everyone may have a love for hip-hop, the history of the magazine and its influence on the industry make it an interesting book to collect regardless.

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