5 of The Best Bookstagram Bookmas Trees

In the holiday spirit? Maybe you want to put a bookish twist on the traditional tree? Read on for some Bookstagram inspiration!

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drawing of a christmas tree made of books

My Instagram Feed has been filled with some amazing booktrees this Christmas season. From small to ginormous, I couldn’t resist sharing the holiday decorating joy with all of you, too. Check out these beauties below!

First, Let’s See How It’s Done

Thanks, @rachelturnsthepage, for providing a reel on how you set up your Bookmas tree!

A Different Stack

@jordys.book.club stacked their book tree a bit differently. I love this aesthetic just as much, though!

Small, but Adorable Nonetheless

If this little guy doesn’t scream cute to you, I don’t know what will! @theordinarybloom has the perfect tabletop Bookmas tree!

Saving Floor Space

What a great way to have a book tree without taking up a massive amount of space in your room! This is perfect for those more compact living spaces! Thanks @bgnrsusie!

The Best of Both Worlds

When you have enough books to make a shelf tree and a giant Bookmas tree in the center of your room, why wouldn’t you? Top it all off, @shhh.thisisalibrary put the best angel on the top!

Did you create your own Bookmas tree this year? Be sure to let us know!

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