LGBTQIA Romance You Need to Read for June

Ready for seven LGBTQIA books that you can read this month? Prepare for all kinds of romance, your favorite tropes and new surprises have arrived!

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Romance is in the air this June, so let us not forget the incredible event that is Pride Month! We’ve compiled a list of seven amazing LGBTQIA romance books that anyone of of any sexual orientation and gender identity can enjoy. Happy reading!

1. Blaine for the Win by Robbie Couch


Blaine Bowers is a junior who has it all, a perfect boyfriend, a muralist for Windy City, great family and friends. Joey is the amazing boyfriend who is the popular senior student council president at Wicker West High. Blaine is excited, thinking that Joey will invite him for spring break vacation with his family to Cabo San Lucas. Nope!

Instead, Joey breaks up with him in public on their one year anniversary. Apparently Blaine is too goofy, unserious, and flighty. Joey wants someone who is serious like ‘Zach Chesterton’.

To try and win Joey back Blaine wants to prove that he can be serious. So, he runs for the senior student council president. But will he be sacrificing his true self in the process? Is it all even worth it?

2. Siren Queen by Nghi Vo


Luli Wei is desperate for stardom and has the beauty and talent for it. But pre-code Hollywood isn’t all that kind. Prepare for this thrilling coming-of-age read.

Luli is in the dangerous business of Hollywood, where there are limited roles for any Chinese girl who lived in Hungarian Hill. She would rather play the monster. But there are worst monsters that aren’t on screen. The studios want to own her, her face, name, and even the woman she loves. The system is creating bargains on blood magic and sacrifice. Luli must find her way or certain monsters will be claiming her.

This magical novel features romance with an interesting fantasy twist you don’t want to miss.

3. Blow Me Away by Billie Bloom


A spicy romance that will have you hot under the collar!

Noah Harper isn’t planning on going to a wedding solo where his ex is the best man. His bestie has a plan for him to ponder, and he just isn’t so sure. She suggestes Noah take her brother Nick who is ‘straight as a board’ to be his fake boyfriend for the wedding. Nick doesn’t mind a free trip to Hawaii. But the cost seems to be pretending to be the boyfriend of the funny and confident Noah.

When fake flirting starts to feel real, and Nick’s suggestions on experimenting come into play, Noah isn’t sure what to believe.

Prepare for tons of swoons, spicy bits, and a bisexual awakening!

4. This is Why They Hate Us by Aaron H. Aceves


Enrique Luna, aka ‘Quique’ has a new summer goal: move on from his ex Saleem Kanazi, who is being set up with a girl this summer. With his bestie Fabiola, who is the only person who knows he’s gay, they are an unstoppable force when trying to help Enrique find some new guy eye candy this summer in L.A.

There are a few candidates that stand out:

Tyler Montana, a stoner and jock who seems to take an interest in him and Fabioloa

Ziggy Jackson, the senior class president of their school

Manny Zuniga who stares at Enrique like he’s a piece of meat to be devoured.

With these new prospects, there is anxiety, and fear that he can’t get over Saleem. Enrique wants to live his truth, but it may come at a high cost. Can he accept all the unfortunate events that occured and really process his emotions?

5. Cafe Con Lychee by Emery Lee


From bitter rivals to sweet feelings, enjoy this enemies to lovers trope.

Theo Mori is planning on going to Vermont College to avoid any parental expectations. His parents own an Asian American cafe. His ‘archrival’ is the son of their competitors who own a bakery, his name is Gabi Moreno.

Gabi is closeted. He plays soccer instead of his true passion, dance. His parents own a Puerto Rican bakery and he is seen as the next heir to owning the bakery business after graduation.

When a new fucsion cafe causes both of their businesses to go downhill, Theo concots a plan to sell photo and food covertly at school. However a wrist sprain and Gabi being roped into this plan causes a sudden change between them. Will they be able to work together, even when their feelings for each other brew, blend and bake at a steady pace?

6. The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School by Sonora Reyes


Ready for a closeted trope where the protagonist embraces their gender/sexuality on a whole new level!?

A funny debut that focuses on a queer Mexican girl who is in high school.

Yamilet Flores is sixteen and is one of the only Mexican at a predominantly white rich Catholic school. This is a fresh start from her ex best friend/crush outing her. She doesn’t want to cause any trouble for her mom. So her plan is to focus on keeping her brother out of trouble and to definitely, definitely not fall in love.

Easier said than done… Then she meets Bo, an open queer girl at school. She is smart, talented and perfect. Now what can Yamilet do but crush on her hard. But, she keeps it to herself, she now asks the question “What Would a Straight Girl Do?” with this new agenda of just fitting the norm, will she break or succeed?

7. I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston


If you enjoyed McQuiston’s Red White & Royal Blue, then you’ll sink your eyes into this mysterious read that incorporates some romance. The lesson of this novel is that we focus too much on what we want that we soon discover what we truly need.

Chloe Green is so close to winning valedictorian. Her Moms moved them to Alabama in a high school where for four years she had to avoid gossip and overly religious administration and students at the Willowgrove Christian Academy. Winning valedictorian would mean everything. However, her rival is Shara Wheeler, the prom queen and prodigy of the principal.

Things take an interesting twist, a month before graduation starts Shara kisses her and then disappears.

Now met with two unlikely people she didn’t expect to interact with:

Smith- a quaterback and long time sweetheart of Shara.

Rory- bad boy neighbor with a crush.

The common factor is they all have kissed Shara Wheeler and have been receiving odd notes.

These opposites join focres and try to connect the clues that follow to where Shara might be. Chloe sees this as a way to get answers and to be able to win Valedictorian fair and square. However, this alliance has led the trio to parties, break-ins, odd puzzles, and logo initials monogrammed to stationary, revealing secrets. Chloe soon realizes there is more to this town and possibly more to Shara than she thought.

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