Kibuishi’s Amulet Series Concludes with New Release

The much-awaited conclusion to the Amulet graphic novel series is coming to an end. Let’s take a look at the series and the author.

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Saying goodbye to a much-loved series can be a difficult feat, even more so when the series has traveled through the hands of eager readers for more than a decade. For Kazu Kibuishi, artist and writer of the Amulet series, this project started back in 1997. With all the heart, hard work, and time poured into this graphic novel series, let’s take a look back at the start of Kibuishi’s journey before we say our goodbyes to the Amulet series.

Humble Beginnings

To readers, The Amulet graphic novel series had its start back in 2008 with The Stonekeeper, introducing the world to siblings Emily and Navin Hayes as they embark on a mission to rescue their mother. The Stonekeeper was supposed to have an initial release in 2006, but with much to learn about the process of creating graphic novels and many drafts written and rewritten, the release was pushed. And yet despite Kibuishi’s dedication, the first book was not initially met with high reviews or sales.

Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi

Still, with the goal of reaching,

“readers who were not only new to comics, but were new to reading books of any kind,”

via Bolt City Productions

Kibuishi pressed on, and slowly, the graphic novel started gaining traction with young readers. By 2009, the second installment, The Stonekeeper’s Curse, was out, giving readers everywhere a chance to continue their adventure. With the artwork, the portrayal of the weight and foundation of power with Emily and the Stone, paralleled with the backstory of the Elves’ thirst for destruction after losing control of their Stones as Stonekeepers, The Stonekeeper’s Curse was able to capture the attention of more readers. In turn, this installment became the first of many Amulet installments to reach the New York Times Best Seller status.

The Future of Amulet

Sixteen years have passed since the series’ debut, and with the arrival of the final Amulet installment: Waverider, readers will have the opportunity to experience the magic of stepping onto the planet of Alledia one last time.

As for what happens next, Kibuishi hinted at the possibility of making the movies for the Amulet series in last year’s NYCC Titan’s of Graphic Novels panel. We’ll just have to wait and see. For now, we can look forward to the release of Amulet #9: Waverider on February 6, 2024.

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