‘Jungle Juice’: Action and Insect Hybrids, Can You Survive?

Jungle Juice is a Webtoon comic about action, drama, adventure, and insects. Watch as human hybrid insects must succeed to survive the food chain.

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Jungle Juice is a Webtoon that has action, drama, and.. insects! That’s right, watch as these human hybrid insects try to survive at the top of the food chain. Created by Hyeong Eun and Juder, this comic updates every Thursday. Even if you are not a fan of bugs, you’ll be a super fan of this amazing Webtoon graphic art.

Jungle Juice Plot


Suchan Jang is a popular college student, the top of the social food chain; however, he is hiding something–his insect wings–wings that grew suddenly when using a mysterious bug spray called Jungle Juice. When his own life falls apart after saving someone’s life, he suddenly finds an opportunity in a hidden world called The Nest. But the law of survival in the jungle governs this city. When an evil hybrid called Breeder is creating innocents into insect hybrids, its up to the college students of The Nest to put a stop to it.

Jungle Juice: Insect Hybrid Characters

Suchan Jang


Suchan was considered popular and loved by all; however, he has hidden his dragonfly wings on his back for a long time. When someone he cares about is in danger, he risks it all, exposing his wings to save their life. But the cost was being greatly shunned by his peers and labeled a freak. He has no one to turn to until he meets Huijin Park, who changes everything. Now he is brought to a secret world called The Nest. He learns that there’s a way to turn back to a normal human, using a special medicine called ‘Cinderella’. In order to get it, you must be The Nest class Valedictorian. Although he is very intelligent, these courses and this new world aren’t solely academic. It’s a game of food chain survival, and you must follow the laws of this jungle to be at the top. With Suchan learning his dragonfly capabiltities, will he succeed?

Huijin Park


Huijin is the class president of The Nest College. She is a kind hearted leader with marvelous strength and a calm attitude. When meeting Suchan she could see potential, but also a broken soul that has been hurt by others. Given her past bullying and her brother’s death, she hasn’t beem the same. However, she grew stronger, and although she has become a cockroach, she can survive anything. As the school’s students are getting attacked, she finds her heart soar when bug-hating Suchan saves the lives of many, as they try to discover who the enemy is.



Hyeseong is a katydid, a special kind of bush circket that has very powerful legs. His legs are shaped differently than the average human. He is always seen bickering with classmate Dohwa, although there could be some underlining feelings we can’t see yet. He views Huijin as a great leader and he is sometimes reckless when going in for a fight. Despite his hostility towards newcomers, he finds Suchan to be a good friend.

Dohwa Cheon


Dohwa is an emperor scoprion, as you can see by her piercing tail. She is very cocky when it comes to her ‘playful fighting’. Although she seems intimidating, she is just a kick ass girl who enjoys a good fight. She usually picks fights with Hyeseong, but she does have a soft spot for her childhood friend Junhyeong Lee, a terantula spider. She is a strong fighter and used to live in an orphanage, but she cares deeply for the children who live there and for her friends at The Nest.

Watch as these Nest College students try to survive this cruel food chain government and save their world.

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