‘Your Wings and Mine’: A Demonic Comedy

‘Your Wings and Mine’ is a fantasy comedy Webtoon about demons and angels. When you are born different and need to prove yourself to a higher power, will you be able to kill a demon prince?

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A demonic comedy Webtoon you should read is Your Wings and Mine. Created by Hakeism, the comic updates every Wednesday. It focuses on the hunt between angels and demons. Is there more common ground than they thought? Get ready for some laughs and cringey moments with the demon and angel in question.

Your Wings and Mine Plot


Have you ever felt the need to prove yourself? The angel in question is given a task to kill a demon prince. But whenever he encounters a demon he gets severely ill and throws up. But wanting to be considered an angel of Paradiso with his mentor and accepted by his peers, he goes to the human world where the demon prince hides. Only, the demon prince isn’t what he expected. He may act a bit high and mighty but he’s just a powerful guy who sometimes says things that shake the angel to his core. With his past guiding him in his beliefs, can the demon prince somehow form a connection that will show the angel there is more to life than being good?

The Main Characters



Shealtiel is an angel in training in Paradiso. Paradiso is where all the divine angels are there together hunting demons and ridding the earth of their evil. Wanting to prove himself, he tries to find whatever demon he can and kill them. However, due to his mysterious origin and being an orphan, he has no divine power. He throws up at the sight of any demonic entity. When given his next assignment, it’s to kill an all powerful demon prince. However, upon meeting the guy, he’s nothing like Paradiso made him out to be. With conflicting memories of his path, he wants to prove himself a true angel, despite his traumatic short comings, and kill the demon prince. Can he do it?



The demon prince of Inferno, he is in the human world going on a supposed ‘vacation’. With his care taker Anon keeping an eye on him and insisting he get back to Inferno, he doesn’t do much. He watches anime, goes to a human school and does whatever he wants. He may seem like a privileged demon prince, but he and his all powerful wings do something to Shealtiel upon their first meeting. When being attacked by this ‘angel wannabe’ he wonders what his goal is. Despite their bickering, Luciferen is curious about the guy in his life, especially his unusual wings. Can they reach an understanding and truce?

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