Jojo: Finally Home to Be Adapted to the Big Screen

Johannes Radebe’s memoir Jojo: Finally Home is being adapted into a film! Keep reading for more details on the adaptation produced by Arrested Industries and Helena Spring Films.

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Johannes Radebe in 2 photos in a studio

Jojo: Finally Home is a memoir released last year written by Johannes Radebe and has been picked up by Arrested Industries and Helena Spring Films. It is set to be a family movie, including musical numbers choreographed by Radebe himself! He came to fame as a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, a dance contest show. His memoir became an instant bestseller that details his rise from poverty to the ballroom and TV studio.

The producers say it will not be a direct musical:

It will be packed with heart, great music, wonderful costumes and big dance numbers.

via Deadline

Get to Know the Memoirist

Radebe was raised in South Africa by a supportive mother, a sister, and a dance coach. He faced judgment for being captivated by dance and Barbies rather than sports, which was normal among his peers. He eventually became a professional ballroom dancer due to the support of his family and dance coach.

photo of two dancers' legs in a ballroom

Radebe reflects on his journey:

Growing up gay in the townships of South Africa was not an easy ride, but there were so many good things about my life there, and it has made me the person I am today.”

via Deadline

Arrested Industries will collaborate with Helena Springs Films, which is based in South Africa. Part of the shooting will be there in Radebe’s home country.

Springs said in a statement:

Finally Home, while clearly an incredible personal story, will also provide insights into contemporary culture in South Africa and portray facets of community life in the townships that are rarely seen on screen.”

via Deadline

This film adaptation is sure to find success following Johannes Radebe’s famous memoir. This coming-of-age tale is sure to inspire audiences through the big screen and portray important themes of identity, acceptance, and family. Pick up JoJo: Finally Home on Amazon and prepare for a heartwarming story before the movie releases!

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