Jace Herondale’s Charming Qualities That Make Us Love Him

Beloved book crush Jace Herondale has various charming qualities that make us fall in love with him. Come read all about some of his lovable traits!

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Jace Herondale smirking in the background with two rubber ducks in front, one holding a cartoon knife.

Jace Herondale from The Mortal Instruments is a classic YA book crush that most girls have probably dreamed about. He’s funny, he’s handsome, he’s got skills, and we absolutely love him. Come read some of his charming qualities that make him so impossible to resist!

He’s witty.

Jace Herondale with blonde hair and a black leather jacket looking off camera.

Jace is the king of one-liners. He’s always got something to say, and it’s usually hilarious and sarcastic. This man even knows he’s the king of sarcasm and humor, as he once said, “My rapier wit hides my inner pain.” There are too many of his good one-liners to include here, but he’s also humorously full of himself, which makes for good comedy.

He’s handsome.

Jace Herondale shirtless and covered in tattoos.

In the books, Jace is described as being almost perfect, save for a chip in his front tooth (which Clary likes to mention). All the girls love him, and he’s known as being a flirt before Clary Fray comes along. He’s popular with the ladies and the men alike (which is also mentioned in the books), and he’s in insanely good shape due to being a Shadowhunter. Who can resist a man in good shape and covered in tattoos with a good sense of humor? (I personally cannot resist!)

He’s scared of ducks.

A yellow rubber duck with text above its head.

This is probably the most endearing quality about Jace Herondale-Wayland-Morgenstern-Lightwood (if you know, you know). He’s a badass, but he’s scared of ducks, which are probably some of the cutest creatures alive. It’s also a family fear, which we think makes it even funnier.

These are just some of Jace Herondale-Lightwood-Wayland-Morgenstern’s most charming qualities. Which qualities of his are your favorites?

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