If The Hunger Games Was Made in 2022 Who Would Be Cast?

The Hunger Games came out in 2012 and thrust Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth into the spotlight. Who would be cast in 2022?

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Ceasar Flickerman and Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games

9 years ago today, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire released in the United States and grossed over $150 million in the box office. 9 whole years later, and we’re all still obsessed with ‘the girl on fire’ and her ‘baker boy’. Maybe it’s because the whole dystopian setting still calls to us who are constantly seeing everything around us catch fire in real time. While The Hunger Games clearly doesn’t need a remake, we have to wonder… if it was remade, who would be cast?

Well, we have some thoughts!

Amber Midthunder as Katniss Everdeen

Jennifer Lawrence-- Amber Midthunder

Amber Midthunder is officially the action heroine of 2022. Ever since she made waves (in a great way) as Naru in Prey! Amber is a mixed-race Indigenous actress (specifically, she is a member of the Fort Peck Sioux nation) and would add newfound depth to Katniss’ character as many fans have interpreted Katniss as being indigenous in the past!

Froy Gutierrez as Peeta Mellark

Josh Hutcheron-- From Gutierrez

Whoever plays Peeta needs to bring the perfect amount of softness and warmth to balance Katniss’ sharp intensity. Because of that, we’ve decided on Froy Gutierrez as our pick for a more modern Peeta. Having featured in MTV’s Teen Wolf and Hulu’s Cruel Summer, he is a pro at playing those lovable wholesome and boyish book boyfriends we all adore.

KJ Apa as Gale Hawthorne

Liam Hemsworth-- KJ Apa

The Riverdale girlies are going to love this one! KJ Apa may not seem like the right fit at first for Gale, but we can’t help but think the CW actor would love the chance to show his acting range. If we wait long enough for the red hair dye to fade away, he’d also be a killer fit for Katniss’ ultra-focused bestie.

Violet McGraw as Prim Everdeen

Willow Shields-- Violet McGraw

Okay, so there’s a small glaring issue here, but hear us out! If Prim was Katniss’ half-sister or even taken in by the family before Katniss’ father died, it would only further showcase how dedicated and caring Katniss is. And it would further validate the bond between half-siblings or adopted siblings! Violet McGraw is a phenomenal child actor and she always breaks our heart in Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House–there’s no doubt she’d be stellar as Prim!

Lady Gaga as Effie Trinket

Elizabeth Banks-- Lady Gaga

Nobody does camp spectacle like Lady G! Considering Effie’s capital roots and her love for dramatic and artistic outfits, we can’t help but think Lady Gaga would be the perfect fit for her! Gaga has a great way of blending couture, avant-garde and drag aesthetics. Her acting career also shows she definitely has the range to play a fan favorite like Effie!

Keiynan Lonsdale as Cinna

The Hunger Games Cinna -- Lenny Kravitz -- Keiynan Lonsdale

Keiynan stole our hearts in Love, Simon. Ever since, he’s been seen online in all kinds of fabulous and stylish outfits that would be sure to make Cinna himself proud. Keiynan can play all kinds of characters and roles very well, as his previous roles have shown us! But Cinna’s gravitas and quiet bravery would be something new and exciting to see the actor step into.

Priah Ferguson as Rue

Amanda Steinberg-- Priah Ferguson

Priah Ferguson immediately shot into the spotlight during her role as Erica Sinclair on Stranger Things Season 3! Young enough to play Rue and with the wicked acting skills required to bring her role to life, we have no doubts Priah would inevitably bring us all to tears.

David Harbour as Haymitch Abernathy

Woody Harrelson-- David Harbour

After watching David Harbour play the gruff but well-meaning Hopper in Stranger Things, we can’t possibly picture anyone else for Haymitch in this recasting! He certainly has the range to play someone as tortured and cynical as Haymitch. We also can’t resist the idea of seeing him and Lady Gaga flirt it up on the screen a little.

Jeff Bridges as President Snow

Donald Sutherland-- Jeff Bridges -- catching fire

And of course, what is The Hunger Games without its star antagonist? We know whoever we pick to play Snow will have big, big shoes to fill. Jeff Bridges, however, would absolutely kill it! No offense to you, Mr. Bridges, but you just emanate immense charismatic villain energy. In this context, that’s a massive compliment!

Almost a decade later means, thankfully, the industry is much more open to diverse castings and new ways to look at things. While this is our personal casting for The Hunger Games, there’s so many more actors out there who would also do a fantastic job.

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