How To Celebrate 18 Fantastic Years of ‘The Lightning Thief’

2023 marks the 18th anniversary of ‘The Lightning Thief’ being published! Follow to learn how to celebrate the first adventure of Percy Jackson!

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The Riordan universe started with The Lightning Thief, and 18 years later, it has grown into a huge fandom. Percy Jackson and his friends seemed to come alive beyond the page and give memorable adventures. This series had a massive impact on readers because it encouraged readers to be themselves. Additionally, the connections readers made with each other spread from fanfiction to fanart. The series affected everyone, and they celebrate the anniversary of The Lightning Thief in their own ways.

Check out some of the celebratory things readers do to commemorate the beginning of The Lightening Thief. So, without further ado, let’s get creative!

Create Blue Foods

How could this not be on the list? Blue food is one of the most consistent items in the Percy Jackson world. The blue food’s origins are as interesting as the food itself. Percy’s mother, Sally Jackson, always made blue food after Percy got into an argument with his abusive stepfather Gabe. Gabe argued that food could not be blue. So his mother made it to prove Gabe wrong and to make Percy happy. This is important to Percy as it reminds him of his mother.

a-clear-bowl-of-blue-and-white-candy-with-pink-purple-and-yellow-candy-mixed-in. a-book-cover-is-on-top-with-a-picture-of-a-boy-standing-on-top-of-a-statue-percy-jackson-and-the-olympians-the-lightning-thief

Additionally, there are different types of blue foods that someone can make. Examples of these foods are cookies, pancakes, slushies, popcorn, cupcakes, and cake. These foods make a wonderful first start to celebrate the first book of many.

Make Your Own Merch

On the other hand, if cooking is not appealing, then creating something else might be! One of these creations is merch. Shirts, necklaces, and places featured in The Lightning Thief or other books can be created. The shirts, such as Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter, can be made with their respective colors and templates.

background-fades-from-purple-to-orange-with-a-compass-in-the-middle. in-front-of-that-compass-is-two-girls-the-one-on-the-left-is-in-a-purple-shirt-and-the-one-on-the-right-is-in-a-orange-shirt

These shirts could also include godly parents. However, other shirts can feature the places of The Lightning Thief. These locations include the Lotus Hotel and Casino (the place Percy and his friends get trapped) and Aunty Em’s Garden (where Madusa lives). In addition to shirts, it is fairly easy to make or buy the Camp Half-Blood necklace. The necklace features all the beads that Percy gets throughout his time at the camp.

Create Bookmarks

In contrast to merch, another item that readers can make is a bookmark. Bookmarks can be pictures or symbols of people or places, or items used throughout the series. It is not difficult to create bookmarks, as it is made out of paper or string and sometimes laminated. The finished product always looks amazing.


Additionally, these bookmarks can have added items to them. For example, a string that has camp beads or a magical item from the series. Or the magical item itself is the bookmark. Annabeth’s baseball cap or Percy’s sword would be excellent inspiration. This idea can also work for favorite characters or places. These bookmarks will make every reader jealous and want one of their own.

Crochet a Friend

However, if the crafts listed above are not of interest, then there is another way to celebrate this series. Crocheting is a relaxing way to create scarves, beanies, plushies, and many more. Plushies are a cute addition to any room. Along with this bright side, plushies can be favorite creatures or people from the series.


Character inspo: Blackjack (Percy’s pegasus), Scipio (Reyna’s pegasus), Grover (Percy’s best friend), Tyson (Percy’s half-brother), and many more! These characters and creatures bring so much joy to the series. Another group that can be crocheted is monsters. Medusa, the Harpies, sirens, and other monsters are also an amazing addition to create.

Dress Your Best

Alternatively, if none of the above is interesting, then perhaps dressing up is. Dressing up as a character from the series is something that is achievable. A result of this would be feeling like the character you want to be. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the start of the series. It is fun for the person creating the outfit, and it makes it feel like the characters are coming to life.


Dressing up doesn’t need to only be about the main character, either. Monsters, gods, and even employees from establishments that the heroes visit are fun to imitate as well. These alternatives are also a great way to look fabulous on this day. Take a look in the closet and give something a try!

In addition to these activities, there are a lot more that celebrate this day. If creating something or dressing up as someone is what you can do, go for it. There are no right ways to celebrate because everyone has ideas of what they want to do. But do not forget to thank Rick Riordan for giving us a sassy and heartwarming book that started it all. It is an honor to read the books and be a part of a passionate fanbase.

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