Endgame: Omid Scobie’s New Book on the Royal Family

What secrets are the royal family hiding? Omid Scobie plans to reveal it all in his new novel, ‘Endgame’. Here’s why it’s driving controversy.

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It’s no secret that the royal family has a history of dramatic scandals and surprises. Prince Harry previously signed a book deal for around $40 million to talk about his life. So there’s got to be plenty of concerning anecdotes about the royal lifestyle. But when the story comes straight from the royals themselves, it can be easier to avoid the truth. That’s why Omid Scobie, a royal journalist, wrote Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival. Here’s what we know so far about the novel that’s rumored to show both the good and bad pieces of the monarchy.

Who is Omid Scobie?

In case you aren’t familiar with all the details of the royal family and the media, here’s some background. Scobie was the royal journalist previously responsible for Finding Freedom, written by him and Carolyn Durand. The book, released back in 2020, covers the history of Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


Scobie claims to be writing without bias, but after working on Finding Freedom and getting so close to the Sussexes, many have expressed concerns that he favors them. They believe he never could’ve gotten the information for the book without the Sussexes trusting him. Plus, controversial news coverage has painted him in an interesting light in the past. Even with the controversy, his book has garnered a lot of attention.

What is Endgame?


Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival is Scobie’s impartial look into the lives of the royal family. This is especially important, considering how many worry that he is partial to the Sussexes. But Scobie has promised that Endgame will include both the good and the bad of the royal family. It was originally scheduled for publication in August 2023, but Scobie decided he wanted to include details of the coronation, so its new release date is November 21, 2023.


Some worry still that the book won’t be as revealing as Scobie claims due to his history with the royal family. But Scobie continues to argue that it will reveal important details about the royal family regardless.

What does the Royal Family think?

Despite the fact that Scobie has previously released a novel, this upcoming one will be different. He promises that it will show both the good and the bad, not like Finding Freedom, which was a lot more complimentary. Scobie has released multiple articles condemning the royals, so if his book is more like his articles, it’s likely he’ll some drama to share.

Some have reached out to the royal family to see what they have to say. But Prince William has rarely involved himself with any of Scobie’s work and, respectively, declined to comment. It seems most of the royal family has decided to keep quiet about it until the book’s release, where they may have to address the contents of the book. It’s hard to know how quiet they’ll be if the details released in Scobie’s book are as important as he believes they are.

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