How to Build the Bookshelf of Your Dreams

Learn how to build a timeless book collection with us! Read on to find various ways you can create your perfect bookshelf.

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Building a timeless book collection entails many factors that you can try out today. Whether you want to have the best fantasy, romance, classics, or non-fiction collection depends on what you choose to create. You can definitely even have a diverse bookshelf full of many different genres! No shelf is the same, and we all have different tastes in books. There is no wrong way to start collecting books, so don’t be deterred. With this guide, you can start to build something timeless according to you!

Try Out Different Genres To Find What You Like

To start off simply, try reading a plethora of genres to figure out what it is you truly enjoy. If you want to dip your toes into romance, start there! If you want to immerse yourself in a different world or era, start with fantasy or a classic from a specific time. The best way to discover your new favorite book is to explore the vast world of them.

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Buy Used Books Or Borrow From The Library

We know that buying brand-new books, in the beginning, can really disturb your bank account, so buy used books or borrow some from your local library! There are plenty of sources for used books that you can buy for dirt cheap. Different websites provide many different editions of your favorites, and they can be half the price. If you don’t want to commit to a book just yet, you can also stop by your local library and borrow a few that you might be interested in before making the investment to purchase.

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Research Different Editions

Not many people know this in the beginning, but there are so many different editions of books that you can find. Now, this might be difficult if you want to buy used, but if you are sure you want to commit to one edition, you can buy either new or used. Classics are one genre that is sure to have countless varying editions, all aesthetically pleasing and would look amazing on your bookshelf.

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Collect By Author

Have a favorite author you just enjoy so much? Collect their works! This is a great way to start a collection within a bigger group. If your favorite author has a vast number of different books they have written, collect the ones you love the most! Compiling a stack of an author’s works is one sure way to support them.

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Collect What You Love

If you have specific genres that you love, tailor your collection to your taste. In order to have a bookshelf that is, in your definition, timeless, collect the books you know you enjoy. If you haven’t read since you were a kid or in high school, gather your favorites that you know you read and loved from those times. Starting here will allow you to know you have some of the best books you’re aware of!

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Learn To Let Go

Don’t be afraid to let go of old books that you didn’t finish or simply didn’t like. We all read some that we had to put down or just didn’t enjoy thoroughly. Be brave and let them go. You can always donate your books or give them to someone you know who might appreciate them more than you did. Learn to let go of those books, and you might appreciate your shelf even more.

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Now that you have the tools to start building your perfect bookshelf, start now! We all start out having zero books at some point, so whether or not you have any books at all, you can begin your book collection. We all have a different definition of “timeless” when it comes to our books, but you are now equipped to begin your bookish journey and can create the bookshelf of your dreams today!

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