How To Be a Friend Like Grover Underwood

Grover Underwood is a beloved friend and companion of the hero, Percy Jackson. Learn how you too can be a friend like him.

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Satyrboy plays wooden flute for goat in woods

The Percy Jackson books have been deeply beloved since the series debuted in the summer of 2005. With ten books in the core series, multiple spin-offs and universe expansion, countless colorful characters, and deeply interesting lore, it’s been a wild ride for the fans. However, seeing that books are still being published within the series and many of the characters are still only in their late teens, many fans forget that their real-world ages are much older.

Grover Underwood, beloved satyr and best friend of Percy Jackson himself, was born June 5th, 1978, and turns 45 this year. Throughout the story, but especially in the early books, Grover is the emotional core of the team. He has deep insecurities that he struggles with, but he never lets that get in the way of supporting his friends. So in honor of this wonderful goat man, let’s talk about some ways you, too, can be a wonderful friend like Grover Underwood.

Emotional Vulnerability

Grover is a character whose backstory isn’t central to the plot like Percy or Annabeth, but never the less has its place in the story. Grover’s insecurities and his goals are directly tied to both his motivation to join the protagonists as well as his past. Grover doesn’t talk about his failures unprompted, but when asked, he isn’t shy about explaining his history and his feelings about it to his friends.


Grover is a character with a positive attitude, so admitting to his friends that he struggles and doesn’t believe in himself gives him an air of credibility when encouraging his friends.

Good friends don’t need to be positive all the time to be good friends. Part of being a good friend is trusting them with your faults and not pretending to be invincible.


Like so many best friends in the fantasy genre (Samwise Gamgee, Simon Lewis, Sokka of the Water Tribe), Grover takes the role of support for the protagonists. However, this is not an insignificant role, especially in fantasy. Just as people often say that Frodo never could have made it to Mount Doom without Sam, Percy and Annabeth never could have made it to the Underworld without Grover.


Grover’s unconditional support and absolute belief that they can succeed never wavers throughout the story, even when the going gets rough. He is a vital presence in the success of the team.

Encouraging your friends in their endeavors is something a good friend should do, especially if you’re trying to be a friend like Grover. People are emotional beings, and all of us are more likely to succeed when we feel like someone is rooting for us or has our back.


Grover has a strong foundation for his relationship with both protagonists. He and Annabeth have known each other for a long time, even at the start of the story, and Percy went to school with Grover for a while. For Percy, Grover bonded by taking classes and coping with bullies together. Grover and Annabeth have a familial connection from growing up with one another. These connections are the foundation of his relationships and therefore cement his significant role in the story and the lives of the protagonists.


Throughout the story, Grover only creates more ways to connect with his friends as they learn and grow together. Whether through events, shared interests, or even magic, Grover is never bereft of reasons to be close to those he loves, emotionally and physically.

True friends take the course of your life and passions to heart. To be a good friend like Grover, you and your friends can forge connections with one another, which can renew the spontaneity of life.

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