How Books Have Succeeded During The Pandemic

The pandemic caused a surge in book popularity and reading. With people stuck in their houses, books have risen to match other forms of entertainment.

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Books have been available for centuries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, books were used more often than ever before, whether that be on an e-book or an actual hard copied novel.

Most people love their genres. They have specific types of books that they love to read whether it be romance, or horror. There is a book for everyone, which is what makes them so special in the circumstances of the last few years.

There are many authors whose books rose to the literature forefront during the pandemic. One author who grew in popularity was Emily St. John Mandel. Mandel is a writer of dystopian literature. One of her books that many people may be familiar with is “Station Eleven.” Another popular author is Isabel Wilkerson. She wrote “The Warmth of Other Suns,” which is based on The Great Migration that happened within our history.

Station Eleven Book Cover

While many readers are picking up newly released books, others still enjoy reading the books that they have grown up with. Some people like to return to the classics and other books that they haven’t read in a while, such as Pride and Prejudice, or even Harry Potter. People have found new joy in those books during the pandemic. No matter the genre, people find comfort re-experiencing the beautiful prose and fictional worlds they already know and love.


While most of these books didn’t come out during the pandemic, they were more than likely read because of the strong emotional impact and nostalgia they incite within people. Everyone loves curling up to a a good book when they don’t have anything better to do. While most people enjoy hard copies of books, the uphill climb of ebooks has made a roaring boom throughout in recent years. Ebooks are being read to us through Audible and with Kindle. These technologies are very convenient and help with reading on the go.


In my personal opinion, I prefer hard copies, not Kindle. Most people prefer hard copies because they want to write in them, or even highlight words or phrases that mean something to them. On Kindle, you can highlight, and write notes, but you can’t write in them in the margins, which is why hard copies are better. Another downside of Kindle is that the highlighter color is always the same. With hard copies, you can use any colored pen, pencil, or marker, giving you more freedom.

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