‘House Of Dragon’ Episode 8’s Trailer Promises A Continual Rise in Tension

Who else is excited about this episode?

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Screenrant writer Syed Fahadullah Hussaini recently wrote an article to discuss the trailer for episode seven of House of The Dragon.

As has been discussed by several writers reporting on the series, episode six marked the point in the series in which a 10-year time jump occurred and many key characters were aged into adulthood.

With previous episodes already revealing some grisly deaths, as described by Hassaini, the tension surrounding the series is immense. So for episode seven’s trailer to allude to the building conflict between Rhaenyra and Alicent, fans were led to wonder where their feud would take these two characters.

Whispers of Vhagar going missing were bandied about the trailer, and reference to the fire that Alicent didn’t start (but certainly did benefit from) was also noted. And so much has occurred that can be used as kindling for this rivalry at that.

So when episode seven dropped, and viewers got to see Alicent leveling Viserys’s blade at Rhaenyra’s throat, they also got to see what this trailer was referencing. NPR writer Glen Weldon notes how this is the same weapon that Viserys showed her in the first episode, and this is the same blade used by Littlefinger in Game of Thrones. It’s also the same dagger that Arya uses to kill Littlefinger and The Night King as well.

Not only does Alicent draw blood, but as Weldon points out, we also see the divide that has grown between these two former friends. The conflict between the greens and the blacks is highlighted. The episode ended with a bloody wedding and a promise of more conflict to come.

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Episode eight’s trailer seems to indicate that this conflict is only intensifying, with a shot of Alicent sitting upon a throne that immediately then cuts over to Viserys sitting upon the iron throne, and then, in the final moment’s of the scene, in a dark whisper, she is told, “Never imagine yourself on the iron throne.”

This same trailer starts with a voiceover that says, “Dreams did not make us kings–dragons did.” These starting and ending lines are yet another callback to the conflict that has arisen. An additional shot of a crown that then cuts to Rhaenyra draws attention to her own reach for power as well, so viewers are once again reminded of the two characters’ respective ambitions. Shots that indicate a division and rise in conflict are quickly fed to viewers in this short window of time.

We’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens next!