Hobbit Moments From Middle Earth That We Never Get Tired Of

Hobbits! Our favorite halflings from Middle Earth. A Hobbit never forgets the importance of a good meal, good ale, and a cozy hole in the ground.

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Let’s celebrate Hobbit Day (and both Bilibo and Frodo Baggins’ birthdays) by looking at a few of our favorite Hobbit moments throughout The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings film adaptations. 

Merry, Pippin, and Fireworks

Merry and Pippin set off a firework.

Who could forget Bilbo’s one hundred and eleventh birthday? It was the party to outdo all Hobbit parties. And it was made even that much more memorable when Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took decided to set off fireworks. Inside of a tent. Of course they had to choose the biggest firework and of course it would be a dragon that would terrify all of the unsuspecting Hobbits. It all turned out all right in the end though. All of the Hobbits loved it once they realized it was only a firework, and not a real life descendent of Smaug. 

Frodo Takes The Ring

Frodo volunteers to take the ring to Mordor.

Undoubtedly one of the most important parts of The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo volunteering to take the One Ring to Mordor to destroy it sets everything into motion. Everyone in the council at Rivendell was shocked when Frodo offered up himself to be the brave one to embark on such a perilous journey. That is, everyone but Gandalf. He had been around Hobbits enough to know just how courageous and selfless they could truly be, and he was not surprised that Frodo was following in his Uncle Bilbo’s footsteps.

Bilbo Saves Everyone From Being Eaten

Bilbo saves the dwarves from the trolls.

When Bilbo and the thirteen dwarves were captured by the trolls, who were preparing to squash them into jelly, their chance of survival looked grim. That is, until Bilbo had the resourceful idea of convincing the trolls that they were about to eat food riddled with parasites. It took the dwarves a little while to catch on to what Bilbo was trying to do, but once they did, they heartily agreed that they had the biggest parasites possible. Thanks to Bilbo’s quick thinking, they were able to last long enough for Gandalf and the light of morning to save them and turn the trolls into stone.

Sam Comes Back For Frodo

Hobbit Samwise Gamgee.

In my opinion, there are few better examples of loyalty and steadfastness that what is seen in Samwise Gamgee. If it hadn’t been for Sam, Frodo never would have made it to Mount Doom and never would have destroyed the ring. After Gollum convinced Frodo that Sam was secretly trying to get the ring for himself and that he should make him go back, Sam had every right to do just that. His own best friend believed the lies of a warped and power hungry creature instead of his own, and no one could blame Sam for choosing to leave. But he knew he needed to do whatever it took to help Frodo finish his quest. The fate of Middle Earth depended on it, and he would not let everyone down.

You Bow To No One

The four hobbits are honored by King Aragorn and the people of Gondor.

At the end of The Return of the King, when Aragorn is crowned and everyone bows and pays honor to the new rightful King of Gondor, King Aragorn also gives honor where it is due. When he sees Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin bowing their heads, he stops them by saying, “You bow to no one” and then kneels before them. Cue the triumphant music and the emotional waterworks (yes, I cry every time at that part). Even though he is now a King, Aragorn does not forget the four Hobbits who were so instrumental in saving Middle Earth.

These were some of our favorite Hobbit moments for Hobbit Day, but there are so many more amazing ones to choose from! Perhaps it is time to rewatch both trilogies?

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