‘Harry & Meghan’ Soars: What’s left for His Memoir, ‘Spare?’

The final three episodes of ‘Harry & Meghan’ are out on Netflix! Now that the tea has been split, what else is there to say in Prince Harry’s memoir, ‘Spare?’

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Meghan and Harry walking down stairs

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have done it again. After constant ridicule for years, the two have spoken up about the mistreatment and abuse they endured while working for the royal family in the documentary series, Harry & Meghan. Now that all episodes are available, we’re able to see the full picture of just how intense and dangerous it got for the couple. From family disagreements, paparazzi stalkings, and invasion of privacy, Harry and Meghan were lucky they got out while they still could.

But now that everything is out in open, where does that leave Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, Spare? If everything has truly been revealed, then what could possibly be coming in his new book? I have a few guesses for you. Stick around to see our predictions of what information Harry will divulge in his new book, Spare.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

1. Remembering His Mother

'Harry & Meghan' Soars: What's left for His Memoir, 'Spare?' Young Prince Harry and Princess Diana

The moment the documentary began, we were all bracing ourselves for the heart-wrenching conversations about Harry and his mother, Princess Diana. There’s no question the two had a beautiful bond that will never fade. The probability of Harry using multiple chapters to talk about his mother is almost guaranteed. While her death still hangs over the now-grown prince, it is her life that he remembers most. While recounting memories of her kindness, fearlessness, and humanity, Harry said the words that we’ve all been thinking for years now. 

“I am my mother’s son”

Prince Harry, Netflix

Just from those few words alone, there’s no doubt that his mother is bound to be a subject in his memoir, Spare. For without the gentle hands that guided Harry in his early years, we wouldn’t have the same Prince Harry today.

2. A Real Fairytale

'Harry & Meghan' Soars: What's left for His Memoir, 'Spare?' Harry, Meghan, and their dog on a hill next to a tree.

Before watching Harry & Meghan, I always assumed that it was just luck that the two found each other in this messy world. But after watching the documentary, their story tells a tale of fate. It really is something out of a Disney movie. We mainly got the juicy details from Meghan, so I cannot wait to hear Harry’s perspective in his memoir. From seeing the young actress on Instagram to eventually proposing, his recollection of their love story is going to be one for the books. Get your tissues ready now!

3. The Press is Always Watching

'Harry & Meghan' Soars: What's left for His Memoir, 'Spare?' The Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The intricacies of the royal family are confusing, to say the least. But throughout the Harry & Meghan documentary, Harry was there to explain all the nuances and rules when it comes to being part of royalty. Even if you don’t keep up with the royal family, his insight into how the press and “The Institution” are intertwined is shocking. This symbiotic relationship has stood for decades. And even after the tragic death of Princess Diana, the media has still maintained its access to the royals. 

If there’s one thing that Harry can expand on in his memoir, it’s how the palace cannot survive without the press and vice versa. After fighting tooth and nail to keep an arm’s length away from the media, they’ve only tried to tarnish his and Meghan’s reputations. The British press better be prepared for Spare. They’ve given Harry every reason to expose the repulsive actions they use just to get a story.

4. Royal Expectations

'Harry & Meghan' Soars: What's left for His Memoir, 'Spare?' Young William and Harry in suits.

I can’t even imagine the pressure it takes to be a part of the royal family. Add in the fact that you’re the younger brother to the heir, and that weight becomes suffocating. Even though Harry was the second child, he still had to abide by the royal protocol every time he stepped foot in public. These expectations began to wear on the two princes from an early age, especially since Harry was frequently called “The Spare” in numerous tabloids. This constant comparison with his brother didn’t help then, and certainly isn’t helping now. 

One of the main revelations to come out of the docuseries was the fact that William and Harry are more divided than ever. In Harry & Meghan, Harry recalls a meeting in which his brother was shouting at him over his decision to step away from royal life.

“It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me, and my father say things that simply weren’t true, and my grandmother quietly sit there and sort of take it all in.”

Prince Harry, Netflix

It might be William’s claim to the throne that has caused tumultuous times in their relationship, but that’s certainly no reason to abandon your brother. If my guesses are correct, this won’t be the last time we hear of the rocky relationship, and how Harry has dealt with the absence of his older brother. To think that this sibling rivalry began with the referral to Harry as “The Spare” is downright cruel. But in a graceful manner that reminds us all of Diana, he’s taking back the term that sought to put him down.

5. A Full Life Ahead

'Harry & Meghan' Soars: What's left for His Memoir, 'Spare?' Harry, Meghan, Archie, and Lilibet.

Amongst all the loss, heartache, and attacks on this family, Harry and Meghan are determined to find peace. Harry’s life is one of hope, and it’s certain to be a major theme in his memoir. While recounting his hardships is essential to his story, looking at the good is just as important. He deserves to see into the bright future that his family has outside of royal constraints. Plus, what dad wouldn’t want to talk about his wife and kids? At the end of the day, we’re all rooting for this royally amazing family, and we can’t wait to see what they do next. 

Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare is bound to be one of the most highly anticipated books of early 2023. With a release date set for January 10th, we’ll just have to wait and see if any of our predictions rang true. 

Can’t wait until the memoir is out? Dig into Harry & Meghan on Netflix. Check out the trailer down below!


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