Girl on the Train Author to Release Riveting New Book

Paula Hawkins, critically acclaimed author of the bestseller The Girl on the Train, has announced the release of her next mind-bending thriller!

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Three book covers written by Paula Hawkins against dark and foggy treeline.

Paula Hawkins, acclaimed author of The Girl on the Train has announced that her next book will be released on October 8, 2024. The novel, entitled The Blue Hour, follows a famous artist’s journey after being abandoned by her husband. To add to the intrigue, the novel will be set on a remote Scottish island. According to Hawkins:

The Blue Hour explores the tension between the need to belong and the desire to be free of the demands and expectations of others.

Paula Hawkins via AP News

A Mystical Mindbender

Hawkins has tapped into the mental resources used in her previous works, in which the protagonist’s journey is more of a mental struggle than a physical one. She stated about the book:

I wanted to think about what the effect of being untethered from the world might be, how that might shape a person’s psyche. At the novel’s heart is an artist and her work, so I’m also dealing with perception and the search for meaning, how we interpret or misinterpret what we see in front of us, and the dark places toward which those ideas might lead.

Paula Hawkins via AP News

Out With the Old, in With the New

Hawkins severed ties with her old publisher, Riverhead Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House, who was responsible for publishing The Girl on the Train. The Girl on the Train, released in 2015, was Hawkins’s most successful novel, selling more than 20 million copies. The book was then turned into a blockbuster movie starring Emily Blunt, released in 2016. 

Blurred photograph as a train passes on a track with words The Girl on The Train in front.

Since ending her partnership with Penguin Random House, Hawkins has partnered with Mariner Books, an imprint of Harper Collins, to release The Blue Hour. Financial terms for Hawkins’s deal with Mariner Books have not been disclosed. 

Past Successes Speak Volumes

With the news of Hawkins’s next novel comes an extensive wait for The Girl on the Train fans. To survive the next eight months before the release of The Blue Hour, here are a few of Hawkins’s books that every one of her fans should read!

A Slow Fire Burning 

The words A Slow Fire Burning set against a lone hand holding a burning rope.

This novel follows the murder of a young London man living in a houseboat and the three suspects most likely to be responsible for the murder. First is Laura, the mentally insecure one-night stand last seen with the victim. Second is the victim’s grief-stricken aunt, who is condemned to mourn the death of yet another family member. Lastly, there’s Miriam, the victim’s nosy neighbor whose secrets follow her around like a stench she is unable to shake. Each suspect has a reason to want revenge, but do they have the capacity for murder?

Into the Water

The word Into The Water set in front of a background zoomed in onto water droplets.

In this novel, a single mother turns up dead in the town river, but she is not the first victim of the summer. When a fifteen-year-old girl is all that remains of her fractured family, she must return to the past she ran desperately away from. Despite her efforts, she can’t escape the river’s murky history that haunts her each day. 

Blind Spot

Blind Spot in bright letters in front of a background of a girl staring suspiciously ahead.

Blind Spot is a short story written by Hawkins in 2022 about three friends with an unbreakable bond. Edie, Jake, and Ryan grew up together, but when Jake is murdered and Ryan is made the prime suspect, Edie must face the future alone and afraid. Without the two people who have always anchored her, can Edie face the demons lurking in her shadows?

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