‘Ghost On The Roof’, an Opera Phantom Story

Ghost on the Roof is a Webtoon about opera involving thriller moments about a musical ghost and drama. The mystery continues as the traumatized opera singer learns how to sing again.

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If you have watched or heard of Phantom of the Opera, you’ll enjoy this new modern twist called Ghost on the Roof. This Webtoon is a drama and thriller comic created by Klaus Scrimshaw. Updates appear every Friday and follow a woman who had a traumatic opera singing experience.

Ghost On The Roof: Opera Plot


Welcome to the modern Paris. A twenty year old Christine Daaé is an apsiring opera singer whose dreams were shattered by a traumatic experience. When a mysterious voice on the roof of the opera house beckons to her, offers her a chance to gain a singing career, she is terrified yet curious of this entity who is willing to help her.

Meet the Ghost on the Roof Opera Characters



Christine always enjoyed singing since childhood. She would sing with her father and say she would sing opera one day. When she got the opportunity to sing at an opera house, her dreams were crushed during a traumatic incident she doesn’t like to remember. A year has gone by and she now works as an intern for the costumes. She tries to keep herself hidden, she doesn’t want the spotlight on her again. But when she has this urge to sing on the opera house roof, a mysterious dark figure says he can help her sing again. Will she take him up on his offer?



He is the mysterious ghost that trapses around the opera house roof. Only Christine has encountered him first hand. He hasn’t shown himself just his voice is present. He is a mystery, can he be an opera singer from the past or just an entitiy who has learned the ways of sound? When hearing her voice he seems intrigued and decides to give her a deal.



Christine’s best friend since they were small. He is overshadowed by his brother, but his friendship with Christine gives him confidence. He takes care of himself, his career, and his friendship with Christine. He always worried about her since the incident and encourages her to pace herself. His support is Christine’s life line and she appreciates him. But he doesn’t know her ghost encounter, will he think she is going crazy?



He is called Jo and he is the machinist for The Garnier Opera House, he has paranormal interests. He encountered a mysterious figure and has thought this place was haunted. When Christine isn’t the only one who has heard this mysterious ghost, he agrees to investigate, which sparks a friendship.

I hope this Webtoon meets your musical needs as well as a smidge of thrills. Phantom of the Opera is an iconic moment and now that there is a comic twist to the story, it’s worth reading.

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