Get in the Holiday Spirit at Barnes & Noble NYC

Holiday shopping? Barnes & Noble, NYC, is one of the best spots in the metro area to get books while also feeling like you’re in a Christmas movie.

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barnes and noble display level at NTC location

It’s finally that time of year to get into the holiday spirit! With holiday spirit comes shopping sprees and gift-giving. If you want to treat yourself and/or others with some books, I know the perfect spot! Barnes & Noble in New York City is one of the best spots in the metropolitan area to get books while also feeling like you’re in a Christmas movie.

About the Store

Barnes & Noble is located in Union Square and has been there since 1995. It’s a beautiful building and looks even better when it’s decorated for the holidays. To see their holiday hours so you know when to visit, they are listed here. Serving as the company’s flagship store, it is the biggest Barnes & Noble in the U.S. There are four floors of books to browse, so take your time!

The building of Barnes & Noble located in Union Square from the outside

With the winter snow arriving any day now, the building will feel magical covered in white powder. Barnes & Noble has so much history that it’s basically a must-visit. The store itself looks like it came from back in time; it’s comforting to see a bookstore that isn’t so modern these days. Just by looking at the store, it almost feels a bit nostalgic — visiting may just turn into a tradition!


You might not understand the monstrosity of this store until you actually visit. Everything looks bigger in person of course! The Barnes & Noble holds everything you could ask for inside, and you can spend the whole day there if you want to. With its location, you can get yourself a nice hot drink in the area and then go to the store to warm up and relax! With it being the flagship store, there are always events going on that you can keep an eye out for as well.

The interior book displays of Union Square's Barnes & Noble; taken on the second floor

It’s the best time of year to visit this store, so definitely take any free time you may have to your advantage. You can use the store as an entire day trip or have it part of a New York City exploration itinerary. The possibilities are endless, but it’s guaranteed that you will have a blast checking out this place. Barnes & Noble is a bookstore classic, and visiting their flagship may help you realize why.

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