Gay Firefighter Romance: Burning Up the Sheets

We’re providing some steamy recs within our series Crazy Book Genre this week. Follow along as we present Gay Firefighter Romance. Let the sparks fly!

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There’s nothing steamier than a firefighter. Okay, there’s nothing steamier than a firefighter fanning the flames of lust in the bedroom, the firetruck, or the bunkhouse… you get my drift. Even steamier and bordering on five-alarm fire… two men lusting after the other, finding that all-encompassing passion and love that no other could provide. We’re discussing that in this week’s Crazy Book Genre episode — Gay Firefighter Romance.

What is gay firefighter romance!?

I mean, it’s pretty self-explanatory. But just in case it’s escaping you, we’re talking about hot, hardworking firefighters who find the same sex attractive, and we get to read their love story as it unfolds. There is something so exciting and endearing about reading about the love that forms between two, what is considered to be masculine, men. Oftentimes there is a lot of angst and communication problem tropes here because of the stigma of being gay, especially in an environment like firefighting. But that doesn’t stop us from indulging in this delightful genre!

Recommended Gay Firefighter Romance Reads

Two Straights Too Many by Romeo Alexander

When his mom tries to set him up with a woman romantically, firefighter Cade lies to her and says he’s already in a relationship with his best friend and fellow firefighter Elias. Though they’ve only ever been best friends, the other men in the firehouse have teased them about their closeness. Despite never dating a man before, things seem to feel right as they continue the ruse to keep Cade’s mother at bay. Will this ruin their friendship or bring them closer than ever?


This heartwarming and spicy contemporary love story is available with Kindle Unlimited and features small-town, friends-to-lovers, and self-discovery tropes. Alexander writes from the heart, giving us a story you won’t soon forget.

Wilde Fire by Lucy Lennox 

How about a rom-com rec? This second-chance romance will have you laughing and crying along as Seth and Otto try to reconcile. Otto left Seth 10 years ago with no explanation though Seth knew Otto was the love of his life. After a decade in the Navy, Seth finally comes home to be the town’s firefighter, only to discover the new sheriff is none other than the man who broke his heart. Otto has secrets, secrets he thinks will hurt Seth, so he leaves, never forgetting the man who makes his heart ache. Now, he has the opportunity to make things right and win back the man of his dream. Will the secrets Otto keeps push Seth further away?


This swoon-worthy comedic second-chance romance features true love and some spice. Available on KU, head on over to Amazon to pick this one up!

Hot Head by Damon Suede

A decade after the tragic events of 9/11, NYC firefighter Griff is quietly and secretly pining away for his best friend, and fellow firefighter, Dante. Things heat up when Dante unexpectedly proposes to start a gay porn site featuring firefighters. Guess who he wants to star alongside him? Elated and extremely cautious, Griff has to find a way to keep this from blowing up both their lives.


This romance features friends-to-lovers, coming out, and fighting against the social stigma of masculinity. This is an emotional rollercoaster of a book that will put you in a binge-reading session. 

Dare You by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Looking for something a little different? How about an eccentric cross-dressing CEO and a straight panty-dropping firefighter? Neither man was interested in anything permanent; why would they when both were hot enough to keep the ladies — and men in Bash’s case — lined up? Sparks fly when Kieran tosses Bash over his shoulder and rescues him from a burning building. Confused about his reaction to a man, their relationship slowly builds until it explodes. 


This story is book one of a trilogy that you won’t be able to put down until the very last page.

#BURN by Devon McCormack

While Dax puts out public relations fires, Jace is the real deal hottie in a uniform. Jace is thrust into Dax’s path when his image is skewed from within the media spotlight when he saves an adorable puppy from certain death. Attempting to bring an unwilling Jace into the Hollywood sphere hasn’t turned out so well for other firms, but Dax is determined to sway the sexy down-to-earth man. Can he do it without alienating Jace and potentially losing the most important relationship he’s ever had?


Self-discovery and coming out are delicately handled in this steamy romance featuring a generous firefighter and a jaded PR guy. Available on KU, read along to see how Dax handles the reluctant viral firefighter.

Three Alarm Heat by Kelex, Editors Marie Medina, and Alexis Woods 

Hopping over the alternate reality genre, Three Alarm Heat is an Omegaverse MPREG gay firefighter romance. Alpha Harrison Walker is a fire investigator on the trail of a serial arsonist. He’s in love with Beta Cassidy; they’ve been in a relationship for a decade. Tensions arise when Harrison arrives at what appears to be a copycat arson when a mate bond clicks with the victim, Omega Tanner. 


Follow along as they navigate how to handle not only the arsonist but the fire that wants to burn down Harrison’s world. This book, also available on KU, features male pregnancy, fated mates, and some serious heat!

As you can see, this romance subgenre runs the gamut of tropes showcasing the beauty that love encapsulates regardless of orientation.

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