Crazy Ice Cream Flavors for the Best Fictional Characters

Trying to beat the heat with some ice cream? Consider trying these wacky flavors paired with book characters next time you’re craving something sweet.

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There’s no better way to deal with the summer heat than with a cool treat like ice cream. If you’re struggling with which flavor to pick, we have the perfect solution. Here are some of the craziest flavors of ice cream and the fictional characters they best represent. It’s no fun to just eat vanilla ice cream or to have boring vanilla characters. From Ube to sriracha, we have ways to mix up your summer treats. So let’s find some new book and ice cream recommendations.

Ube Ice Cream for Violet Sorrengail

If you haven’t caught onto the craze for Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros, you’re missing out. Fourth Wing is the first release in a YA fantasy series, following twenty-year-old Violet as she enrolls in a brutal college that creates dragon riders. A mix of violence, romance, and a lot of dragon magic, it’s been one of the biggest hits of the summer.


For Violet fans, Ube ice cream is the ideal choice. Not only is this ice cream as unique as Violet is, but it’s purple, making it the perfect fit! Next time you’re in the mood for a new flavor, try this interesting ice cream made from purple yam.

Apple Pie Flavor for Jacks

If you’ve read either Stephanie Garber’s Caraval series or the second series Once Upon a Broken Heart, you’ll be familiar with Jacks. This snarky and mysterious love interest is almost always up to no good, and wherever he goes, he loves to bring an apple to snack on with him.


Which is why the absolute perfect flavor for Jacks is apple pie ice cream, a sweet treat made with one of his favorite foods. So if you’re a fan of Stephanie Garber and are eagerly awaiting her next release this fall, this delicious ice cream will help distract you until then.

Sriracha Ice Cream for Roz Featherstone

For those fans of fiery characters, Roz from Gutter Mage by J.S. Kelley is as spunky and chaotic as a character can get. Not only does this character wield fiery powers, but she has the personality to match. A detective and a mage, this protagonist has it all.


To deal with that spicy personality, sriracha ice cream is the best choice. While normally cold and spice don’t mix, sriracha ice cream is the exception, making it the ideal fit for an exceptional character like Roz. If you want a spicy snack while you read about fiery characters, try some sriracha ice cream while you read Gutter Mage.

Mayo Ice Cream for Skandar Smith

Saving the best (or the craziest) for last, is A.F. Steadman’s Skandar and the Unicorn Thief. Not only is the protagonist of this MG fantasy novel a unicorn rider, but he also has some strange tastes in food. Namely his love of mayonnaise — which he eats for breakfast.


Which means that Skandar would probably be a huge fan of mayo ice cream. You might be too, if you’re willing to risk trying it. Certainly a crazy flavor, but some say its delicious, and you never know until you try it. You might not be willing to eat mayonnaise for breakfast, but nothing says it can’t become a new summer treat.

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