Fans Choose Their Teams With New House of the Dragon Trailers

With season two of House of the Dragon just around the corner, it’s time to choose between Team Black or Team Green.

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Aegon sits on the throne with Ser Criston Cole by his side on the left image, while Rhaenyra is on the right. Both images have "All must choose" in the center, with the House of the Dragon logo on the bottom.

Spoiler Warning: This article discusses plot points from season one of House of the Dragon. Spoilers ahead!

Since the season one finale of House of the Dragon in October 2022, fans have taken it upon themselves to be either Team Green or Team Black for House Targaryen. With the public coronation of Aegon and the imminent vengeance that Rhaenyra is to unleash with news of her son’s death, it’s clear that this upcoming season will inevitably reach the point of war between the fractured house.

Split in Two

House of the Dragon, which is based on Fire & Blood by George R.R. Martin, has been carrying the fanfare of Team Black or Team Green with their promotions. Just a few months ago, the first posters on their Instagram for the new season were two separate photos: one for Alicent and the other for Rhaenyra. With the new trailers, House of the Dragon seems to truly hone in on the division, naming two trailers by their teams: Official Black Trailer and Official Green Trailer.

What’s Coming Next for the Targaryens

The beginning of the trailer for both teams remains: All must choose. For Team Black, Rhaenyra will do everything in her power to sit on the throne as the rightful queen with her understanding of her father, King Viserys’ wishes. For Team Green, Alicent believes that King Viserys never intended for a queen to be his successor, giving Aegon the right to the throne.

Previews of upcoming battles graced the trailers, with shorter shots of the dragons from both teams. During CCXP in Brazil last year, Ewan Mitchell and Steve Toussaint, the actors playing Aemond and Lord Corlys Velaryon respectively, mentioned that there will be a lot more dragons this season, which Mitchell also described this season to be the craziest fans will see Westeros.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what goes down in Westeros with Team Black and Team Green on June 16.

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