Fans Campaign to Save Popular Show After Its Cancellation

The adaptation of the popular Grishaverse series by best-selling author Leigh Bardguo was recently canceled by Netflix, much to the outrage of fans. But a circulating petition offers hope of resurrecting the show.

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Promotional still from season two of Netflix show "Shadow and Bone."

On November 15th, Netflix announced that their original show Shadow and Bone would not be renewed for a third season. The show is an adaptation of both the Shadow and Bone trilogy and the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo. 

Although disappointing, the news didn’t come as a surprise for some viewers. Since the release of the show’s second season in March 2023, Netflix has been quiet in promoting the show or releasing any news about a possible renewal or progress on a proposed spin-off. The spin-off, first announced in December 2022, would focus on the characters from Six of Crows, who were part of Shadow and Bone’s ensemble cast. Fans who tuned into Shadow and Bone, especially for the six “Crows,” as their fandom dubs them, were especially excited at the potential for a spin-off that gave the characters more screentime.

The Cancellation and the Fan Response

Outside of the initial promotion for the second season’s premiere, Netflix seemed to set promotion for the show aside in favor of pushing other original content. The silence surrounding the Grishaverse show only lengthened when the WGA and SAG-AFTRA started, ceasing any promotion and discussion of television shows and movies from writers and actors.

The same day news of the cancelation was released, a fan started a petition on to save the show. As of this writing, the petition to save Shadow and Bone has 166,053 signatures and has been shared widely across the Internet, bringing attention to the fans’ outrage and their love of the show.

Promotional still from season two of Netflix show "Shadow and Bone." five cast members stand in costume atop a roof at night time.

This is not the first instance of fans rallying together to save their favorite show. Netflix, in particular, has seen several campaigns to save canceled shows in the past, with some garnering successful results. Before Shadow and Bone, the latest show fans attempted to save was Warrior Nun, which was canceled by Netflix after two seasons. Fans started a petition in November 2022 to give Warrior Nun a third season, and their efforts eventually paid off when the series creator, Simon Barry, announced a trilogy of feature films and a new, in-universe series. 

Although fans had written Netflix and bombarded the streaming service on social media, Warrior Nun was revived by another studio. Similarly, Shadow and Bone fans have voiced their upset to Netflix about losing their show in hopes of bringing the show back, if not to Netflix, then to a different studio. 

Given the massive amount of signatures the petition has amassed and the sad departing messages from the cast and crew, there is definite interest in seeing the show continue. Shows with strong viewership have done the impossible in the past, so only time will tell if Shadow and Bone is really gone for good.

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