Exciting New Sneak Peeks of Bridgerton Season Three Released

A new clip and sneak peek photos have been released to tease the upcoming third season of Bridgerton. Read on to see what is to come.

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Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton standing toward one another in a dimly lit room of Bridgerton season 3

For two seasons, Bridgerton has captured fans worldwide with its storytelling. Viewers have become obsessed with the various love stories of the Bridgerton family, as well as palpable passion portrayed on screen. There has been a long wait for the anticipated third season. The first part will be released on May 16th and the second part on June 13th. While it has not arrived yet, fans are getting a sneak preview of what will come. A new clip and photos were released in order to excite fans. Based on what was shown, the third season should be as exciting and as sensual as the previous ones.

Thrilling Previews

The new clip, released on February 14th shows Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) having a conversation with Penelope Featherington. It is quickly clear that this is not a conversation with warmth. Colin is telling Penelope how much he likes her and how sad he was when she did not respond to his letters. He tells Penelope that he missed her, to which she responds with, “You missed me but you would never court me, is that correct?” Penelope has accepted that men do not often go after her but she does not want Colin to mess around. She does not want him to make empty statements about missing her when she knows that he would not consider courting her. This season, it seems Penelope will build her confidence and make Colin work for her love if he truly wants it.

Still from "Bridgerton" with Penelope and Colin dressed up while holding each other's hands and gazing into each other's eyes.

Along with the intriguing new clip, photos from the upcoming season have also been released to tease the fans. Some pictures are of Colin and Penelope, creating buzz about this possible new couple. Other pictures are of the various families that exist in the Bridgerton universe, looking as dignified as ever. There are also some images of other familiar characters and couples from the show’s past, like the hot couple of last season, Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kathani Sharma (Simone Ashley), in a passionate embrace. The glamour and heat from the previous seasons seems to be fully in store for this show’s future.

What Should Fans Expect For Season Three?

Along with the sneak peeks of the new season, the episode titles have also been revealed. Like the previous seasons, season three will have eight episodes in total. Unlike the previous seasons, this season will be divided into two parts, with four episodes being in each part. In order, the episode titles are, Out of the Shadows, How Bright the Moon, Forces of Nature, Old Friends, Tick Tock, Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, Joining of Hands, and Into the Light. The episode titles don’t appear to reveal much about the events of this season, but the imagery and language of these titles promises some equally beautiful and interesting storytelling.

Still from "Bridgerton" with Penelope and Colin at a fancy event while looking at each other and smiling.

Each season of Bridgerton focuses on a different Bridgerton sibling. The first season focused on Daphne, the fourth oldest, the second season had a focus on Anthony, the oldest, and now Colin is front and center. He is the third oldest out of the eight Bridgerton children. Colin has a love of traveling and adventure, but does not have that clear of a direction for his life. In addition, he is a charming young man, but not the greatest when it comes to love.

The previous seasons saw Colin in a relationship with Marina (Ruby Barker). The two were engaged to be wed, until it was revealed that she was pregnant when she got together with him, wanting to marry him for security. The affection between Colin and Penelope was on the back burner, but did not turn into anything. In the upcoming season, Penelope plans on finding a good husband while still being a strong woman. What will Colin do about that? Everyone has to wait and see.

The Bridgerton Books

The Bridgerton television series is based on the book series of the same name by Julia Quinn. There are eight novels in the series, one for every Bridgerton child.  It previously appeared that the television series was going in the same order as the book series, as Daphne and Anthony were the centers of book one and two respectively. However, now it looks like the television series is switching things up, as Colin’s story took place in the fourth novel. The third novel focused on Benedict Bridgerton, and it is unclear when his story will occur. There is also the prequel series, which focuses on the Rokesby family, and the epilogue book The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After. With all of the stories about the family, there is a lot in store for future onscreen action.

Still from "Bridgerton" with the Bridgerton family standing in a large room staring in the same direction.

Quinn released the eight novels starting in 2000 and finishing in 2006. Each novel has its own unique and romantic name, with each name so far being the name of an episode of the season it shares a plot with. The first novel was The Duke and I, which was the fifth episode of the first season, and the second was The Viscount Who Loved Me, which was the last episode of season two. Colin’s story was in Romancing Mister Bridgerton, which, as previously mentioned, is the name of the sixth episode of the third season.

Throughout the years of their release, the Bridgerton novels had great critical and financial success in the romance novel industry. The novels reached an even bigger success once the television series began. Everyone was loving the passion and desire on screen, so it is only natural they wanted to see it written out and understand how it all started, as well as get access to even more juicy details.

Since the series premiered in 2020, Bridgerton has become one of Netflix’s most beloved shows. It has helped introduce Regency Era stories to people who may not normally be interested, just because of how much they loved the romance. These books have really been able to come to life on screen. There are high hopes in place for the upcoming third season. Based on the photos and the brand new clip, the magic of the first two seasons will likely still be alive. Fans will have to wait until May 16th, and then again until June 13th, to see if their expectations have been met.

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