Escaping Into The World of Rockstars: A Romance Subgenre Analysis

Have you ever wanted to read a book that made you feel like you were falling in love with your favorite musician? Look no futher, musician and rockstar romance is the genre for you!

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Look, I’ve done a lot of research and there hasn’t really been a subgenre that I’ve come across yet that’s really kicked up emotion, but this one…it’s hitting close to home, y’all. We’re exploring the subgenre that has the “I’m with the band” babes in a chokehold! The subgenre that makes people believe that their favorite musician would fall in love with them–(let me just @ myself here). The subgenre that makes me want to read Daisy Jones and the Six or some grunge fan fiction from Wattpad. That’s right, it’s Musician and Rockstar Romance time, baby! Let’s get ramblin’ and rock on.

Have you missed me? Well don’t worry, your Resident Romance Redneck is eager to serve! For those of you who don’t know, I’m Gracie and I specialize in talking about romance. What qualifies me to be specialized in this subject? Nothing other than the fact that I won’t shut up about it and it’s the main type of content that I consume. Now that you’re caught up to speed, let me bring you into my delusions.

Chords You Need to Compose Musician & Rockstar Romances

I hope that you enjoy my wordplay because I know for a fact that my ideal Rockstar/Musician love interest would. You’re probably thinking, “yes, I have always wanted to read a book that felt like I was falling in love with Harry Styles” (which, to be honest SAME). Luckily for you, I have and I’m here to tell you what these types of books and storylines consist of.

Musician & Rockstar Romance Book Covers (in order from left to right)

Night Voice by CF Frizzell
Drive by Kate Stewart
When We Were Infinite by Kelly Loy Gilbert
cr. Amazon

We’re going to start out with our protagonist. Now, they could be a fellow musician themselves, or they could be a fan of the said musician. Sometimes they’re even a journalist sent to interview the popular artist, who eventually is revealed to be the love interest–I’m looking at you Drive.

Other times you’ll find the romantic relationship sparked without the pair knowing the identity of each other. That’s always fun because they’ll exchange heartfelt text messages and little voice memos about their day, all the while never knowing that one of them is a famous musician with millions of fans around the world. That was an awfully specific description of an Eddie Munson fan fiction I’ve read.

Are Musician & Rockstar Romances exclusively rated R?

I think with any subgenre of romance, you should be aware of the content in the books. There definitely are a few Musician and Rockstar romances that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone below the age of 17, but everyone is different.

Musician and Rockstar Romance Books Covers (in order from left to right)

Nashville Dreams by Julie Capulet
Blind Melody by J.R. Rogue 
Midnight Duet by Jen Comfort
cr. Amazon

I have read quite a few YA Musician and Rockstar romances that haven’t strayed further than a passionate kiss or makeout scene. On the flip side, I’ve read some pretty dark adult Musician and Rockstar romances that I wouldn’t even want my best friends to read. It all depends on your comfort level with books.

Popular Interpretations of Musician & Rockstar Romance

The most prominent iteration of musician romance at the moment is going to be Daisy Jones and the Six. This story is about a fictional band from the 70s (a glorious time for rock bands, by the way) and a budding romance between the newest lead singer, Daisy, and the lead guitarist, Billy.

Another version of this would be A Star is Born. Now, this isn’t a book adaptation, but it follows the same guidelines that I’m referring to! However, that storyline is very similar to that of Songs in Ursa Major which follows Jane as she writes songs for folk musician Jesse…so, who’s to say!

Musician and Romance Book Covers (in order from left to right)

Rock My Heart by Nadia Blair
With You by Jessica Marlowe
Night Music by Jenn Marie Thorne
cr. Amazon

My personal favorite style of Musician and Rockstar romance has got to be the fan fiction that I find on Wattpad, AO3, or Tumblr. I mean, I’m getting to watch these characters fall in love with the people I want to fall in love with. You’re trying to sell me a Harry Styles x OC fic where the OC is a new musician in the band? Sign me up. You want me to read about Eddie Munson playing his terrible shows in that rundown bar and the OC is a bartender there? I’m in. Really doesn’t take much for me to drop everything for a rockstar or musician romance.

And as I said, not all Musician and Rockstar romances are going to be traditionally romantic. If you’re wanting a different approach under the same umbrella, you could look at Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield! This is a love story memoir dedicated to music, so it’s kind of the same thing!

I think I might have been too open and honest in this one! I don’t know if y’all needed to know my fan fiction search history like that. Well, whatever! You came here for genuine content and that’s what you’re getting out of me!

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