Enchanting Echoes: Exploring the Haunting Beauty of Bookstr’s Poetry Collection

Embark on a journey through the mesmerizing tapestry of Bookstr’s poetry, where each verse whispers secrets and paints dreams in vivid hues!

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Step into a realm where words dance like wisps of smoke, weaving tales of love, loss, and the mysterious dance of life. Bookstr’s poetry collection beckons, inviting readers to come on a journey through the ethereal landscapes of the human soul. With each verse, the pages come alive with haunting beauty, stirring emotions, and igniting imaginations. Let’s delve into the depths of this captivating collection, where every poem is a melody that lingers long after the last line is read.

Gilded Earthquakes

Gilded Earthquakes by Trish G book cover

Have you ever fallen in love with someone
with brown eyes?
They no longer appear dull and dark,
but resemble the beautiful color of a woodly forest
that pulls you in the more you stare.
Watch them in the sunlight as they become golden rays
melting into a sunset.
They light up like pools of honey with darker patches
making them look imperfectly perfect.
Yet most love songs, poems, and books
mention beautiful blue eyes resembling oceans and the sky.
But your eyes have a tint of gold
so rare it must not be true.
Your eyes carry earthquakes
that bring mountains to their knees.
Eyes that could swallow stars,
Galaxies and universes.
That forced me into a free fall
I never want to come back from.
Did you fall in love with someone with brown eyes?

  • Trish G, Editorial


SELFISH HEALING by Kristi Eskew book cover

One must think of themselves when forgiving-
Selfishness is the key.
For when you forgive those that have wronged you-
You’re setting yourself free. Narcissistic to the core,
They gaslit you for years.
It’s okay to close the door,
You don’t owe them your tears. Though your childhood felt like torture,
Learn from their mistakes.
For when you step into the future,
Your child’s heart is less likely to break. Relieve yourself of their burden,
No need to carry it further.
The girl inside you shouldn’t harden,
You can learn from how they hurt her. One must think of themselves when forgiving-
Selfishness is the key.
For when you forgive those that have wronged you-
You’re setting yourself free.

  • Kristi Eskew, Editorial

No Road Up Ahead

No Road Up Ahead by Quiarah B book cover

I was standing in this great, empty living room where nothing had my name on it. What had I contributed? Not the couch. Not the phone. Not the dishes in the sink. The clothes you lent me for work weren’t mine, but I donned them like hand-me-downs from a thrift store; and they fit me so big, swallowing me whole. And your shoes, dear sister, they fit me like a worn-out glove—too much room in the big toe, too much room for me to grow into. I’ve grown enough already, I’m not as tall as you, but I dare say I’ll get any taller at this point. There’s nothing of mine in this space of everyone else’s stuff. Boxes without my name on them, no home to call my own.

Living in the shadow of others, I see no road ahead of me that allows me to get off and carry along on my own way. I sit as a passenger in your car, in your story. There’s no road, no sign that tells me where to get off; where to go. And I realize this is my life. I’ve taken no risks, just slid into others’ shadows. There’s no road up ahead. For me to turn down. For me to get off. No offramp meandering down to a place I can call my own.

  • Quiarah B, Editorial

Roses (for Sylvia Plath)

Roses (for Sylvia Plath) by Ashley book cover

Tell me you beautiful thing:
How does the darkest flower
Shine amongst a field? Perhaps it’s the way you camouflage yourself
Making you all the better to find.
Red petals like red hair, eating men like air.
Catching the eye, drawing them in,
Then the prick of thorns digging into the flesh of those
Who dares try to pick you. But in trying to hide,
You stood out, flaws and all.
They left you in a bell jar,
Your petals withering in the heat of July.
Leaving you nothing
More than a stamin to be studied, cataloged.
They put you under the microscope, and
Tried to shock life back into you
Forgetting they had long since killed you They uprooted you, Plucked your petals,
Reduced you to nothing.
Painting you out to be
The darkest of roses
when you started life
As the brightest tulip.

  • Ashley, Social and Editorial


Whispers by Erin Ewald book cover

Pure petals crack and crumble
And fall as my heart faintly stutters.
I hear
The clock mocking me
In slips, it screams
It’s almost time!
With my eyelashes naked
And my nail buds bit raw
My loneliness bleeds
And my lungs only suffocate
Who knew
Grasping your ghostly hands won’t Make my lips curl up
To lay a soft kiss on your rosie cheek.
Not even the rattles of my pill bottles
Or the drips of my liquid courage
Can rescue me
No more screams
Only a whisper.

  • Erin Ewald, Editorial

​I Love with Every Part of the Body

​I Love with Every Part of the Body by Sierra Jackson book cover

With eyes, I see beauty
in wrinkles and gap
With my nose, I feel
smells inside cold
With ears, I listen
to the stars that circle around vocal
With touch, I imagine how
the world would explode against my
With taste, I would devour a bad
day on one’s shoulders, break apart the
carcass and carry it to the

  • Sierra Jackson, Editorial

To Keep

To Keep by Erin Dzielski book cover

Send a message deep into the wee hours,
You’re thinking of me and can’t sleep.
Alone with the memory and your desire
For that piece of me to keep.

  • Erin Dzielski, Editorial

Cover Letter


I don’t say much
but I write sometimes
I prefer to be alone,
but I’ll smile at any stranger
And I don’t do much,
but I can do things, I swear
I’m real creative
Actively, in
trying to convey myself to whom- ever this may interest Life’s been simple,
uneventful, hence,
my limited credentials
I do what I’m told,
polish the mold,
afraid to break it
And I’ll fake it ‘til I make it
I don’t need to win the race
I just need a lane
to walk through
and keep from standing still
Someday, I’m gonna make myself
take the wheel take the wheel

  • Gabriela Collazo, Editorial

Bravery is a Lie

Bravery is a Lie by Bernardine Landicho book cover

Sometimes bravery is a lie,
And I hope they never see the truth. All in pursuit of the perfect words – Every line written completely,
With notes to evoke emotion,
Hours practiced,
Every word with precision. Stepping up, words flowing
Just as I had imagined,
Ending as claps follow,
Just as I had planned. A hand comes up,
One that asks for more than what I’ve made – This wasn’t in the script I created. Sometimes bravery is a lie,
And they see glimpses of what’s real. How they stop to ask
what it is you really feel,
Sincere eyes feel like fire,
The ones that burn the walls I’ve built. How they bring tears to my eyes
When I’ve perfected the best smile, best laugh –
An award-winning, soul-crushing,
Muscle memory that delivers every time. And yet – When they ask me who I am inside, I am quiet. I am terrified. I am not ready.
I am not who I’ve created.

  • Bernardine Landicho, Editorial

Wasted Day

Wasted Day by Brandon Smith book cover

A day without laughter is a day wasted. Damn, how silly of me to miss
my daily dose of laughter and bliss. Had I known to laugh today,
I wouldn’t have wasted away. How cruel it is, to forget the cure
of a terrible, cruel day to endure. Tomorrow I won’t forget,
because today I am in debt,
to the cure of wasting away,
here’s to never losing another day. I will mix it with pudding, I will pinch my nose,
I will swallow it with water, I will stomach it whole. That daily dose of laughter I need,
planted in me like a seed. Please grow faster, I will pray and pray
I cannot waste another day.

  • Brandon Smith, editorial

Break the Silence

Break the Silence by Koren Frideres book cover

I look out in the silence
Not a word to be heard
Some prefer it, Others fear it
A blank canvas with nothing but the thoughts surrounding it.
I don’t fear the silence nor do I embrace it
I understand that silence can sometimes be as loud as words.
But I can feel the words rattling around my mind
Raging to escape
So I crack a joke
I make an observation
And like paint hitting a canvas
A picture forms
And the silence breaks
People are smiling
People are connecting
Words are plentiful
Words are powerful
Do not let them lose to fear
Be brave enough to fight silence
No matter how much anxiety consumes you
Let those words fly
Yes, sometimes their sharpened tongues will throw words back at you
But watch as their words disappear
And yours remain as strong as your resolve
Your words are your strength
And some are too weak to bear their weight

  • Koren Frideres, Social

As we bid farewell to the pages of Bookstr’s hauntingly beautiful poetry, we carry with us a treasure trove of emotions and memories. Each poem, a whispered secret from the hearts of our authors, resonates with the echoes of human experience. From the depths of despair to the heights of ecstasy, these verses capture the essence of what it means to be alive, to love, and to dream. May the echoes of these poems linger in our hearts, reminding us of the beauty that surrounds us and the magic that awaits within the pages of a book.

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