Unique Short Stories To Pass Time in a Long Line

Stuck in line? Check out these short stories to bring with you to make the wait time much more bearable.

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A long line is formed outside a business.

Whether you’re in line to get the latest special edition record or queuing up to meet your favorite artist, long lines can sometimes feel exhausting, especially when you don’t have that much to do before the actual event. So, as you anticipate the next time you have to wait in a long line, check out these short stories to help make the long wait feel like no time has passed at all!

Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl

If you loved learning about the myth of Orpheus, this story provides a twist by telling the story from Eurydice’s point of view! Waiting in line with this play can help you to imagine the journey that Eurydice takes and the choices she must make with Earth and the underworld.

Cover of Eurydice, with Eurydice herself on the cover, holding an umbrella as she stands in the rain.

An Auction Atrocity: A Thrift Shop Cozy Mystery by Mel Morgan

At just 82 pages, this mystery will certainly be one you’ll be able to solve in line! As Jessica Braun plans an auction to help with inventory from the thrift shop, things quickly take a turn for the worse as she and her friends must unravel the truth of who’s really behind the murders before it completely ruins anything else or puts anyone else in danger.

Book cover of An Auction Atrocity with a cat next to a pot covered in a flower design.

The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

This spine-chilling read is sure to keep you awake throughout your time in line. The unnamed protagonist pretending to be a psychic finds that she’s gotten herself into way more than she bargained for as she meets a woman named Susan Burke. As the main protagonist visits Susan’s Victorian home, she quickly finds that Susan’s initial issues may have truly started with the home plagued with ghosts.

Book cover of The Grownup with the Victorian home right at the center of the eyeball.

Six-Gun Snow White By Catherynne M. Valente

Retellings bring in familiar ideas with a fresh take. In this case, this Snow White retelling tackles the Wild West, as Snow White is a gunslinger. We follow her life from its beginnings and navigate the dangers and difficulties of the Old West, especially in a place that refuses to accept a half-native, half-white child.

Book cover of Six-Gun Snow While, with main character in the center, holding a gun and wearing Western garb, like a cowboy hat.

Prime Meridian by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

This time, you’ll get to embark on a trip to Mars, or rather the life of Amelia, as she continues to dream big in Mexico City, even if she has to endure some difficulties to survive her daily life. We can find ourselves walking alongside her, a type of science fiction that still feels grounded, with the anticipation of reaching dreams — and for Amelia, this means reaching Mars.

Prime Meridian book cover with main character Alicia in full astronaut gear in front of a map.

Short stories can explore a plethora of genres, even in a few pages! While you’re in line, I hope you’re able to be transported into the worlds of these characters and ultimately make the waiting process much, much more tolerable.

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