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This week’s Bookstagrammer is Andrea @addiesbookshelf! Need romance recommendations? Be sure to give her a follow!

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Illustrated collage for Bookstagrammer Andrea @addiesbookshelf. In the center in a circle frame is Andrea at a bookstore reaching for a book on the shelf. On either side of that image toward the bottom are aesthetic images of books that she took. The background is half pink and white, with graphics of books, hearts, kisses, and vintage mirrors, all in a pink hue, scattered around.

Bookstagrammers are constantly taking Bookstagram to the next level, and this week’s Bookstagrammer is no different! With a gorgeous, aesthetic page, Andrea @addiesbookshelf is your new go-to for romance recommendations and reviews! She has created the ultimate book nerd safe zone, where readers can embrace their love for everything bookish without judgement. Her kind, engaging community is uplifting, inclusive, and show-stopping. Read on to learn more about this wonderful Bookstagrammer!

Image of Bookstagrammer Andrea posing in a royal-style wall mirror. Around the mirror, small posters of various art prints, musicians, and album colors. They are all in shades of pink. Besides it is a white bookshelf with books stacked neatly inside of it.

Andrea of @addiesbookshelf
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Let’s begin the interview!

Where are you from?

I am half Filipina/half English and live in a small seaside village on the South Coast of England!

Why did you start your Bookstagram?

I wanted to create a space to share my favourite books and, ultimately, my love for reading! I have always adored conversations over books, and some of my favourite connections I have made with people have been from a love of fictional worlds and literature. My goal was to create a welcoming space for everyone to engage in these conversations with each other, share recommendations, talk theories, and fangirl over our favourite book characters. I feel very lucky that I have met the loveliest people from Bookstagram, and am ever so grateful for the community for being so welcoming to me.

Three stacks of books are posed on floral bed sheets. Three books in a series are spread in the forefront. The books stack to the right are held together by a pink ribbon. In front of all the books is a heart-shaped glass bowl with a pink lip-gloss, a heart-shaped, vintage trinket box, and a string of pearls. Chanel perfume lies on the side of it, as well as a pink bookmark with tiny hearts on it, and a pink claw clip.

What do you want your Instagram to bring to the world?

I ultimately want to bring a totally judgment-free space for people and myself to interact. Literature is such a beautiful tool for connecting with people. How we all interpret things differently, take away different lessons from stories, and share our knowledge and opinions, it’s something really special. I feel very lucky to have made friends all over the world through Bookstagram. I want my account to be a space that welcomes and involves everyone. Whatever you love, share it so we can love it too!

What’s a fun fact about you?

Growing up, I worked as a child performer and was lucky enough to train at The Royal Ballet and Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. I also spent three years touring with Billy Elliot the Musical UK, Ireland, and Germany Tour as a Ballet Girl/ensemble! It was, without a doubt, the most life-changing job, and I feel very grateful that I was able to travel and perform so much at an early age. Dancing has always been a huge part of my life, and it will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Bookstagrammer reaches for a book in the fantasy section of a bookstore. The bookshelves are made of dark wood. She holds a stack of four books in her hand and is wearing a pink sweater with fuzzy red hearts.

Who are your favorite Bookstagrammers?

I have met some of the most incredible and talented people from the Bookstagram community, and I am obsessed with everyone’s accounts! The accounts I follow are filled with the most beautiful photos and reviews, as well as some amazing authors. However, some honourable mentions are @aiyanareads_, @genevas.bookmark, @bellameibooks, @all.thosebooks, @lostinliteraturex, @itsjustkatee and @sandrareadsbook. Also, a special mention to @authorhollyejukes and @theauthorkatelauren, who have upcoming releases! The most wholesome and swoon-worthy romances, you should definitely check them out! I wish I could mention you all; I am in awe of each and every one of your accounts.

What are your favorite books, and who are your favorite authors?

I have so many books that hold such a special place in my heart, but The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V.E.Schwab forever changed my love for reading. I truly think about that book everyday. Some other special mentions would be the ACOTAR series by the queen, Sarah J. Maas, Normal People by Sally Rooney, and Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton.

The book jacket for The Likelihood of You by Holly Jukes is presented on a Kindle. The Kindle rests on a wooden stump on a fabric background. Tarts with red jelly and other pastries frame the Kindle.

Who’s your fictional crush?

Rhysand is the only correct answer here.

TBR List:

My physical TBR genuinely keeps me up at night; I just want to read everything! But some books on my priority list are Powerless by Lauren Roberts, Better Than the Movies by Lynn Painter, Chestnut Springs by Elsie Silver, and a Throne of Glass reread!

Bookstagrammer Andrea poses on her floral bed with pink tulips and two books with pink covers in one of her arms. The book in the front is Practice Makes Perfect by Sarah Adams.

What’s your special approach to content?

Being ultimately myself. I have learned to really embrace all the things that I love. I adore romance books, Taylor Swift, One Direction, and original Barbie movies. My 20s have really just consisted of me falling in love with everything I loved when I was little, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

What’s your aesthetic / Instagram page theme?

My aesthetic definitely developed over time into what it is now. I was trying out so many different aesthetics, to begin with, but I’m so happy with what my feed has naturally morphed into. It’s very girly, coquette, bows, flowers and obviously…Pink! I read so much romance so naturally the aesthetic shifted on its own, but you can see further down the account where I was still grasping what I wanted things to look like visually. I really love the overall vibe and aesthetic of my account now, so more pink and girly vibes will come from me!

In a Bookstagrammer collage, a series of romance books in pink covers are tied together with a silky pink bow. In front of are a heart shaped glass bowl with a vintage heart-shaped trinket box, pink and gold lip-gloss, a pink crystal, and pearl bracelet. Besides the bowl are pink and purple highlighters, as well as a tablet with pink and heart-shaped stickers. Ribbon is intertwined between all of the objects, and everything is on dainty floral bedsheets.

How often do you post?

During the academic season, I try my best to post 2-3 times a week, with stories daily. When I began my account last summer, I posted a photo AND a reel daily. Once life kicked in with university, bookselling, and arc reading, I quickly realised this wasn’t sustainable for me. The number, of course, fluctuates depending on what’s going on, but always quality over quantity for me. Posts do take a lot of time, from setting up to lighting, editing, captions, and so on; especially if you’re a perfectionist like me! But gaining the balance has been a process for me, and it’s still something I’m navigating now.

What does your Bookstagram mean to you?

It means everything and more. Training and working as a performer meant I never had a solid group of friends growing up. Especially with similar interests. Traveling so much made it hard for me to form long-term friendships, so reading became a solo hobby for me. I think every reader knows the feeling of finishing a good book and just wanting to talk about it for hours. Thoughts, theories, quotes. The book community has come together to make something so special, and I am so happy to be a part of it.

Bookstagrammer Andrea poses in front of dark black bookshelves in a bookstore. Her back is turned to the camera as she reads the back of a book.

What’s your favorite Bookstore?

My favourite bookstore has to be Hatchards in London Picadilly. I visited during Christmas; it was so magical, and I make every excuse to go back. I also adore my local pre-loved bookstore, Heygates. My ultimate day off consists of getting a chai latte and going hunting for hidden gems in there. I could browse for hours.

Who would you have supply you with a lifetime of books?

It would have to be FairyLoot, those editions are just too beautiful and are some of my favourite books in my collection.

A brightly lit room with the curtains pulled back with a pink ribbon, a white bookshelf neatly stacked with colorful books, and a gold, ornate mirror with tiny square posters in shades of pink covering the wall around it. In front of the mirror are three pillars of books stacked on the floor.

Which author would you love to take a selfie with?

Technically, I already have one with her, but it would be the one and only Dolly Alderton. I was so lucky to meet her at an event last year for her new book, Good Material (which is fantastic, by the way). We did take a photo, which she looks undoubtedly gorgeous in. I, on the other hand, battled a hurricane on Brighton seafront to get there on time. Dolly is one of my literary heroes, so I will never have the heart to delete it, but Dolly, if you ever happen to read this. Please can we take another photo so I can brush my hair and go on my good side.

What are your favorite book covers?

I am obsessed with so many, but the Once Upon A Broken Heart books by Stephanie Garber are just to die for! Honestly, cannot get a bad photo of them. The most Instagrammable covers ever. Sorry, U.S. girlies, but the U.K. won the book cover battle with these.

Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber is placed on floral bedsheets with the cover pulled back. Pink floral and butterfly stickers are collaged on the title page. Around the book are fresh pink flowers, a string of pearls, and a pink silk ribbon.

What are the books you have claimed to have read that you didn’t?

Crime and Punishment (please don’t tell my university professor). I just wanted to read my silly little sports romance to be honest. That’s the only excuse.

When did you know you had made it as a Bookstagrammer?

When Alex Aster followed and DM’d me! Or when Dolly Alderton reposted my story. If I am one thing in this world, it’s a fangirl.

What are your favorite fandoms?

It would have to be all the romantasy fandoms. You guys are too creative with your memes; I will never not cry with laughter at my feed. Plus, it gives me so many to bombard my book friends with. They love it, really.

On dainty floral bedsheets, two stacks of colorful books frame another, single book laid in the forefront. One book stack is tied with a dark pink ribbon. Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros is centered with a tiny, light pink ribbon on its top right corner. Besides it is a vintage floral, porcelain dish with a black gem and gold bracelet, makeup with gold accents, and a pink crystal.

Any advice for aspiring Bookstagrammers?

Embrace YOU. Over the last six months, I have tried to figure out what I truly enjoy sharing. I try to stay true to my interests and only read what I enjoy; I never want reading to feel like a chore. Embrace who you are and what you love, and share it with others. Let your content reflect your individuality, and you will attract the right audience.

Any additional bookishness?

I am a Waterstones Bookseller, and I absolutely love it! Recommending and having bookish chats with customers is so fulfilling, it really is the dream job. I’ve learned so much since I started bookselling, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. I hope to work in publishing in the future and am currently studying history and English literature at the university. Hopefully, the stars will align, and I’ll get to carry on sharing my love for reading throughout my career and online in the Booksta community.

Thank you so much to Andrea for letting us get to know her and her Bookstagram! Make sure to follow Andrea, @addiesbookshelf, on Instagram, TikTok, and Goodreads!

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