Disney+ Drops 2 Percy Jackson Trailers

It’s almost here! Disney+ has dropped another Percy Jackson trailer and we couldn’t be more ready for the premiere! Read on to learn more.

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Percy Jackson fans have been sitting on the edge of their seats for any information about the upcoming Disney+ series. After months of following casting choices, author commentary, and last year’s teaser trailer, you can imagine how thrilled we were for another look. The series is set to premiere on December 20, 2023, and we could not ask for a better way to end the year.

*This article may contain spoilers for those who have not read the Percy Jackson Series*


What Did Last Year Reveal About the Series?

Our first look at the show came in September of 2022 when the first teaser trailer was dropped. We were teased with our first glimpse of Camp Half-Blood and the beloved demi-gods that reside there. The icing on the blue cupcake was Walker Scobell’s paraphrased delivery of Percy’s famous opening monologue.

Most of the casting choices were also revealed in the past year. The series will feature up-and-coming actors in addition to well-known names such as Timothy Omundson (Hephaestus), Jason Mantozokua (Dionysus), and Lin Manuel Miranda (Hermes). There has been controversy surrounding some of the casting choices, as fans often want the characters to match the book description. Riordan stands behind the casting choices, and we can’t wait to see them make their mythological debut.

The Most Recent Teaser Trailer

The second teaser trailer was only about 30 seconds long, but it showcased some key moments from the original series. Moments such as the minotaur attack and the introduction of Ares increased hope for an accurate adaptation of one of our favorite series.

The trailer opens with Percy in the Empire State Building’s elevator before announcing that “The Gods are Waiting”. The trailer continues giving us a sneak peek at some of the show’s characters in action. Of course, the iconic trio of Percy (Walker Scobell), Annabeth (Leah Jeffries), and Grover (Aryan Simhadri) are shown throughout the trailer, and we can not wait to see them in action. Most of the trailer is narrated by Sally as she tells Percy that the stories she has told him about Greek mythology are all real. Her narration accompanies the reveal of other characters, including Ares (Adam Copeland), and Medusa (Jessica Parker Kennedy). This trailer helped reveal which characters would be heavily featured in the first season. The trailer ends with the iconic trio looking forward as Zeus says “Percy Jackson we’ve been expecting you” and the feeling is mutual as fans eagerly await the premiere.


What Did the Newest Trailer Reveal?

A new trailer for the series dropped on September 19, 2023, and it offered a more extensive look at the first season. The trailer opens with Percy monologuing about his life and how he’s your normal troubled kid until he reveals there’s some not-so-normal stuff. Percy delivers this monologue as viewers watch his museum visit and battle with Mrs. Dodds (Megan Mullally). This is one of many scenes that was revealed in the trailer. Other important scenes include his time at Montauk, his journey to Camp Half-Blood, capture the flag, and his meeting with Chiron (Glynn Turman). The trailer then speeds up to give flashes of the events that unfold throughout Percy’s quest for the bolt. We catch glimpses of Medusa’s lair, the underworld, Waterland, and many others. The trailer climatically ends with Percy facing off against the minotaur. Book fans are ecstatic to see so much of the source material included.

Past Adaptations

The fandom has burned before, as many fans agree that the 2010 film adaptation strayed way too far away from the source material. Author Rick Riordan himself has expressed his disappointment in the film adaptations. Riordan’s feelings toward the film franchise may have influenced him to pitch the TV show. Riordan pitched the idea for the series in 2019, with the production announcement following in 2020. The author is hands-on with this project giving fans hope for a successful first season.

Author Rick Riordan standing with the three central actors for the Percy Jackson Disney+ Adaptation.

Feeling like it’s time for a reread of the series? We have a few months left before it’s release, so what’s stopping us?

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