‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Album, ‘Aurora’, Is Soaring Through the Charts

Daisy Jones and the Six’s debut album ‘Aurora’ has flown to the top of the charts in less than a week. Read about the fictional band’s very real music here!

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Taylor Jenkins Reid’s fictional band from the bestselling novel of the same name has released their record-breaking album, ‘Aurora‘, in real life. I think I’ve a pretty big hand in ‘Aurora’s rise through the charts— it’s all I can listen to!

The album, by Daisy Jones & The Six, was released a day before the Prime Video miniseries adaptation, allowing for excitement among fans to build in anticipation for the show’s premiere.

'Daisy Jones & The Six'; The Six band members on their bus

The band released two singles before the full album dropped on March 3. Their first single, “Regret Me,” was released earlier this year, on January 25, and has racked up over 3.4 million listens on Spotify. Their second single, “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb),” has been out since February 15, and has over 1.3 million listens on Spotify.

Not to out myself, but I’m pretty sure a few hundred of those listens are mine.

This past weekend, less than a week since the album drop, their track, “Let Me Down Easy,” hit No. 1 on the iTunes charts!

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It makes total sense people are enjoying this album because musical geniuses like Pheobe Bridgers, Marcus Mumford, and Jackson Browne have contributed to it. Musician and singer Suki Waterhouse, who plays Karen in the adaptation, the keyboardist for Daisy Jones & The Six, has, I am sure, also helped the album’s creation.

No one can deny the immense popularity of this fictional band’s very real (and enjoyable) music. It has an undeniable Fleetwood Mac vibe. Personally, as I listened to “Look At Us Now (Honeycomb),” some of the background sounds reminded me of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain.” Take a listen and see if you hear it too!

My ‘Aurora’ Experience

First, we got a book. Then, an album based on the book’s fictional songs. Now the series adaptation is here. That’s quite a lot of material!

The best part of the novel, which shares the same name as the band, is the song lyrics included at the end of the book. We get snippets of the songs and their inspirations throughout the book, but by the very end, we are gifted all 11 songs and their lyrics.

I had been piecing together all these songs in my head trying to hear their sound while reading their lyrics. I had an idea of how the characters looked and the setting, and so far the show and album aren’t uprooting my ideas. Rather, they’re supplementing them in a very unique and entertaining way. While I haven’t had a chance to compare every lyric from the book to the songs just released, I definitely plan on doing it soon.

I’ve listened to “Look at Us Now (Honeycomb)” nonstop since its release. In the book, the recording of this song was quite the challenge, so I’ve been very excited to see the show’s depiction of Daisy’s revisions and the recording studio scene. Here’s the scene where the song came to life:


If you follow the show, I’m sure more of the songs will be getting stuck in our heads as they’re introduced. I’m so excited to see how they portray the recording process. ‘Aurora’ how now made it to the top of my listening list, and I am enjoying it more and more with every listen.

Be sure to watch the first three episodes of Daisy Jones & The Six on Amazon Prime now, and catch new episodes as they drop every Friday!

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