Confessions of a Book Nerd: Revealing My Bookish Habits

All bookworms have a variety of particular habits, some stranger than others. Today, I’m going to expose my own for your entertainment.

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Books wrapped in a ribbon with the words "I was born with a reading list I will never finish" against a starry background.

I’ve been in love with books since second or third grade. I mostly blame my mom, who not only loves books but would often read to me and have me read to her, and my bookworm sister, who has admittedly great taste in books. (I have so many book hand-me-downs from her that it’s insane.) Naturally, I’ve picked up many book-related habits over the years. Here are only a few of them.

I Take Forever To Finish a Series

Books standing up in a swirl pattern.

I’ll read the first book or two in a series and wait forever to get the rest. The more books in the series, the worse it gets. For example, I started the Finishing School series by Gail Carriger about ten years ago, and I only recently got the last book, which I still haven’t read. It’s not that I get bored, per se, but there are so many other books to read! I’ve got over 100 on my TBR, and I’m just waiting for me to finally buy and read them.

I Reread Favorites Rather Than New Books

A row of old and worn books.

This is also a reason why I struggle to finish a book series. As exciting and interesting as new books are, old favorites have that familiarity and make me feel comfortable. It’s like seeing an old friend after a while apart. This is especially true if I’m stressed or just want to read something where I already know the ending. I take every opportunity to add new books to my shelves — some of which may remain unread for many months — but my old books hold a special place in my heart.

I Read Multiple Books at Once

A pair of glasses resting on top of a stack of books.

Sometimes, my reading mood shifts even while I’m working on finishing a book. Or maybe I’m struck with a sudden urge to read a specific book, which won’t go away until I read it. (Unless I’m obsessed and enthralled with my current book.) Plus, this gives me the chance to daydream about multiple books at a time, sometimes even weaving them together. I don’t get confused between storylines — though I sometimes mix up the characters — and my weird mashups give me inspiration for my own writing.

Can’t Finish a Book I Dislike

Book discarded on the ground.

In fifth grade, I started logging a book on my reading log. I got a few chapters in before I wanted to stop, but my teacher forced me to finish it. It was a long, painful, frustrating topic, and I can’t even think about that book without feeling disgusted. Which is unfair to the book and the author, but I can’t help it. Ever since I’ve never been able to finish a book I dislike unless it’s an assigned book for a class. I just can’t do it, even if it’s one that I would ultimately like if I just pushed through the first few chapters.

I Was Always Reading During Class

Young students reading.

I can’t count the number of times my teachers had to tell me to put my book away while they were teaching. It was usually math class when I should have been paying attention because it was the subject I struggled the most in. But even if the class and teacher were interesting, my book was usually more so. I also got scolded for reading ahead when my classmates and I had to take turns reading book passages out loud. In my defense, most of them were slow readers.

Dogearing Isn’t That Bad

Open book pages.

I can already hear the cries of outrage with this one. I don’t dogear pages anymore, but I definitely did when I was a kid. And maybe when I was a teenager, too. But really, is it any worse than writing in a book? I only did it so I could easily flip back to my favorite parts of the book rather than meticulously look through each page. Now I have to do that, since I stopped dogearing, but at least my books look nice and tidy.

I Never Remember the Author’s Name

Confused woman with arrows coming out of her head.

I can remember the book title, character names, place names, etc., in a book I’m reading. But ask me who the author is, and most likely, I’ll draw a complete blank. It’s not out of disrespect, but I don’t usually look at the author’s name before I pick up a book unless it’s an author I’ve read before. I always have to peek at the front of the book or look it up. Besides, names are hard to remember unless I see them multiple times.

I Daydream More Than I Read

A woman daydreaming in a field.

There are times when I just don’t read books. Until recently, it was often because I read so many full books for school that I just couldn’t read for fun. But what I like to do instead is daydream. I’ll imagine that I’m in the book, imagine different scenarios the characters could be in, or even create OCs (original characters) and insert them in the story. It’s just so much fun thinking about what-ifs and all the possible ways to twist a story and give characters a hard time.

My Pronunciation Sucks

A woman staring confused at her tablet while on the phone.

I don’t listen to audiobooks, so when I come across a new word in a book, I pronounce it as best as I can. Except I never try and look up the actual pronunciation, so half the time, I’m saying the word wrong. Like when I used to say “faux” as “fox” as a kid because I’d only ever read the word, and I didn’t know it was French. So, my vocabulary is impressive, but my pronunciation is much less so.

Getting Rid of Books Is Physically Painful

A box full of books.

I don’t like getting rid of books, but I have limited space. Sometimes, I have to harden my heart and make the agonizing choice of which books to remove from my collection. Some are easy, such as boring textbooks, but most of the time, it’s a heartbreaking experience that makes me want never to buy any more physical books, even though I dislike e-books. Maybe one day I’ll have a grand library where I can keep every book and never have to rehome them.

I have so many more habits, but the article would be way too long if I tried including them all.

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