Compelling Non-fiction Books You’ll Want to Digest This Spring

Love Non-fiction? Perfect timing! These next month’s new releases will definitely be added to your reading list!

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We all love fantasy books full of iconic adventures and golden romances, but bookworms sometimes forget about the power of non-fiction books. You either love or despise them, but non-fiction books are an asset to the book community because they indulge us in real-life stories.

Honestly, I avoid reading non-fictional books because I have been a fictional fan since I started reading. But that doesn’t stop me from checking out all the monthly released non-fiction books that the reading community is dying to read, and this March, there is a strong list ahead of us! If you are a non-fictional die-hard fan, here are some upcoming releases you will definitely be curling up in your book nook with.

Crystal Clear: A Beginner’s Guide to Working with Stones by Nadia Bailey and Maya Beus (releasing March 12th, 2024)

Crystal Clear: A Beginner’s Guide to Working with Stones by Nadia Bailey and Maya Beus, book cover depicting drawn out stones with lines coming out of them and some stars with a pink moon.

Are you big into crystals? Have you been looking into studying rocks and how crystals can impact your everyday life? This might be the perfect book for you! Nadia Bailey will introduce you to fifty crystals and their entire historical significance, followed by beautiful illustrations made by Maya Beus. If you are curious about entering the crystal realm, this book should be your first purchase in March!

The House of Hidden Meanings: A Memoir by RuPaul (releasing March 5th, 2024)

Image showing a young RuPaul with a serious face, looking at the camera.

The highly anticipated memoir from RuPaul is set to release at the beginning of March! This book is meant for those who are still finding themselves and feel like they belong as something new. Follow RuPaul and the journey of drag and the difficult road of self-discovery. Though there were horrific struggles, RuPaul has made this book to express how the difficult times help you build your future. To become your true self, you must battle the road ahead. If you are feeling lost, don’t fret! RuPaul is here to guide you through it.

Love and Autism: Five True Stories about Neurodivergent Life and Love by Kay Kerr (releasing March 19th, 2024)

Front cover of Love and Autism, showing various shapes including a heart, in pink green and yellow.

If you watched and loved the hit show Love on the Spectrum, this is the perfect book for you. Follow five separate stories of real people and their journey of finding love. You will fall head over heels for these wonderful characters and join them on their highs and lows. Finding love is difficult for everyone, and Kay Kerr’s amazing book will help you better understand the journey for others. You may even recognize a character from Love on the Spectrum!

A Very Private School: A Memoir by Charles Spencer (releasing March 12th, 2024)

Image of a young child with suitcases, sitting in front of a parked car.

Princess Diana’s younger brother Charles will take you on an emotional story of his experience in the school system at age eight. From personal struggles, homesickness, and the cruelty of the educational system, Charles deep dives into past diaries and letters to re-dissect his devastating times as a child. This is a not-miss book of 2024, I recommend buying this the day of its release. I imagine this being one of the best non-fiction books from this year and I highly encourage picking up a copy.

The Heart and the Chip: Our Bright Future with Robots by Daniela Rus and Gregory Mone (Releasing March 5th, 2024) 

Roboticist Daniela Rus and Science writer Gregory Mone will possibly change your opinion on the dangers of technological growth in our societal time. Most people believe that with technology and robots becoming more popular in our everyday lives, our society will soon crumble due to matters such as fewer job opportunities. But in this disputed opinionated piece, Rus and Mone will deepen your inner beliefs in the benefits of robots.

Front cover of The Heart and The Chip, showing a heart designed to look like a computer chip.

 Instead of taking away opportunities, they believe it will create more productivity and educational interest in ourselves. This book sounds like it will be a very different piece from most books on technology and its balance in society. If you find yourself curious about the incline of robotics in our everyday lives, be sure to pick up a copy and let us know your thoughts!

If you are eager to read any of these books, let us know at Bookstr what you are most excited about!

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