Character Changes in the New ‘Vampire Academy’ TV Series

The ‘Vampire Academy’ adaptation on Peacock is making waves with their character changes, which are aiding in the show’s success.

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With any new show being adapted from a book series, there are risks in making too many changes, but the Vampire Academy’s character changes are succeeding with fans. The biggest success of the character changes is that they are improving the show’s quality, and winning over the fans. If you don’t enjoy spoilers, here is your warning to stop reading here! If you’re all caught up, let’s discuss the top four character changes that are aiding in the Vampire Academy’s success.

1. Mia

In the novels, Mia is an extreme, narcissistic mean girl that torments Lissa, but in the new show, her entire character arc has changed. And it’s working for her. Since the beginning, Mia has been shown as kind and helpful, but I do wonder how this change will affect the character redemption arc Mead wrote for Mia.

While I believe that the change in Mia, will continue to have a positive effect on the show, I do wonder. Mia’s kindness and helpfulness to Lissa have changed the direction of the show, and I am curious to see how she plays out.

Will she go from kind to cruel, or will her kindness only expand? Especially with her sister Sonya going strigoi? So many questions and so few answers, but I am excited to see where they take Mia’s arc.

2. Sonya

Sonya pictured walking during the day with a parasol.
Image via Jose Haro/Peacock

During the first six episodes, I have to admit, I was confused as to where Sonya’s storyline was going, but after episode seven, I can see it. I was worried when the show kept her Moroi for the beginning, but now I see the wisdom in it.

By delaying her Strigoi transformation, Sonya has had an impact on other storylines that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. Due to her delayed transformation, Sonya was able to heal Victor for a time, allowing him to put his name in the running for King.

Sonya was able to find and lose love with Mikhail. We saw Sonya’s influence on how the royal Moroi truly views her, due to their lack of understanding of the magic she possesses. Seeing the royal Moroi’s ignorance about her magic aids the show in demonstrating just how the Moroi would react if they knew Lissa had the same magic.

But with all changes, I wonder, how will her late change affect Victor’s run for King? Will it further destroy Lissa’s hope for the future, as she struggles with her own magic?

3. Meredith

Meredith pictured just before her field experience was to begin.
Image via Jose Haro / Peacock

Meredith is a character, we only read about in passing because she wasn’t a regular friend we saw hanging out with Rose in The Vampire Academy series. That is changing with the show.

Meredith’s show presence is expanding, due to the show developing her character’s story. In the books, she is an enemy of Rose, but in the show, she is neither a close friend nor an enemy. She is a distant friend/acquaintance.

The key relationship that changes her story is her relationship with Mia. In the books, we didn’t see her relationships or even her sexuality. But the show gives us that. And while their relationship develops quickly and most of it is off-screen, it is a beginning.

It’s a start towards making the show its own, as Mia and Meredith’s relationship adds to defiance of the belief that Dhampir are beneath the Moroi.

4. Victor

Victor shown announcing his decision to run for King to the Moroi council.
Image via Jose Haro / Peacock

Victor’s character is a major change. In the first book, The Vampire Academy, Victor is the first villain that goes after Lissa for her magical abilities. In the book, Victor goes after Lissa because he has Sandovsky’s Syndrome, a chronic disease that will kill him unless Lissa constantly heals him at the expense of her health.

But currently, the show has Victor as a decent member of society that has two adopted daughters with his partner, Robert. The show has made this change so that Sonya Karp is Victor’s daughter and is willing to heal him until she goes Strigoi, of course.

This change has succeeded in improving the show because it shows Victor as a loving dad, who is, in return, loved by his daughters, Sonya and Mia. He is shown as a Royal Moroi with a passion and kindness for all members of society, not just the royals.

With the changes to character development and relationships, Peacock’s show Vampire Academy is succeeding where the movie failed. We’ve only had seven episodes, and fans are already calling for a season 2 renewal because we love the political drama, and the romantic tension, which are both a result of the show’s character changes.

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