Celebrate Veterans Day This Year With These 3 Veteran Authors

This November join us in honoring and celebrating the Veterans who have fought for our country. We’ve got three Veteran authors for your reading pleasure!

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Veteran’s Day was originally known as Armistice Day, created to honor the fallen soldiers that fought in World War I when the world believed that the war to end all wars would be the last. However, the day was changed to Veteran’s Day after World War II broke out so that all veterans would be honored. The Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) is continuing to honor our active-duty military, veterans, and their families by creating a safe place for them to share and have their writing reviewed.

The Military Writers Society of America was founded, organized, and run completely by Bill McDonald, a Vietnam veteran. The MWSA was born out of the American Authors Association (AAA) which was also founded and run by McDonald until he separated the two organizations so that both could stand on their own. The MWSA accepts all writing formats, there are no genre or formatting restrictions because McDonald wanted military personnel to be able to express themselves freely. Although McDonald isn’t as active in the MWSA, it has continued to flourish and aid the military community.

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Veterans Day is a day to honor and remember those that served in the military and fought for our country. We thank them for their service and honor their sacrifices. Many American authors have served in the military and their writing is often shaped by their experiences as military personnel. The three following authors served in our military and their works are a reflection of their service and its impact on them.

1. Tom Crowley

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The Mercy’s Heroes author was wounded and decorated for his service as an infantry officer and rifle platoon leader while servicing in Vietnam with the 25th Division. Following his service in the military, Crowley left the business world and worked as a volunteer for fourteen years in Bangkok, Thailand. A true humanitarian, he worked with the Mercy Centre to help the poorest of the poor in Bangkok, those that lived in the slums. He worked to help the lives of street children, orphans, and children and adults HIV positive. Crowley’s fiction works include Viper’s Tale, Murder in the Slaughterhouse, and Bangkok Gamble, while his nonfiction works include Shrapnel Wounds and Bangkok Pool Blues.

To learn more about this amazing veteran, you can visit his website here.

2. Gary Carter

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Carter joined the Marine Corps in 1957 until his honorable discharge in 1960. Since then he has spent his time writing his novels for the world. One of many novels, For the Good of the Many, is a powerful tale of bravery, courage, and betrayal. Carter’s tale explores the courage of our military heroes and how quickly a country can turn on its veterans. For the Good of Many explores the country’s betrayal of its veterans in this spellbinding tale.

To discover more works by Carter, you can visit his website here.

3. Walt Larimore and Mike Yorkey

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Larimore’s father, Phil, didn’t often speak about the time he served in WWII, but when he did Larimore paid attention. After his father’s death in 2003, Larimore began researching his father’s time in the war in an effort to fully understand what his father experienced. Larimore interviewed the remaining men his father served with, and their children and transcribed the letters his father sent home. After a decade of research, Larimore and collaborative author Mike Yorkey have published At First Light, a memoir about Larimore’s father’s experiences during World War II.

Honoring our military veterans has never been more important. They have sacrificed their limbs, time with their families, and their lives for us so that we could live free. To not remember is an insult to everything they have given for our country. So join us in honoring their services and sacrifices.

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