British Music Icon Dua Lipa Unveils New Book Club

Service95 founder Dua Lipa announced the launch of her Book Club, kicking off with a thrilling debut novel by Douglas Stuart.

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Book club launched by Dua Lipa

Famed British singer, songwriter and model Dua Lipa announced the launch of Service95’s Book Club earlier this week. Founded in February 2022, Service95 is Dua’s brainchild, what she calls “the ultimate cultural concierge.” Service95 is a weekly newsletter spotlighting culture, travel and the arts, bringing the reader unique conversations and stories on politics, social justice and much more. 

The newly launched Book Club is the latest cultural venture at Service95.  

According to a statement on the website: “Titles will represent diverse global voices and members are invited to read along with the Book of the Month aided by discussion guides and author Q&As.”

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The first Book of the Month will be Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart. The Scottish-American author’s debut novel follows the life of a young boy living in Glasgow in the 1980s with his alcoholic mother. A heartwarming portrayal of love, sexuality and addiction, Shuggie Bain was awarded the 2020 Booker Prize among being a finalist for several other awards. 

Dua Lipa took to Instagram and Twitter to share her latest venture.

“Ever since I can remember, anywhere I go I take a book with me. Reading is an incredibly important part of my life and one of my biggest joys,” she said. 

Along with the Book of the Month, the Book Club will highlight author interviews, features that add context to the book and recommended further reading. 

Celebrity book clubs have amassed a huge following in recent years, helping budding and underrepresented authors rise to popularity. Toni Morrison’s book sales skyrocketed after Oprah Winfrey featured several of Morrison’s books in Oprah’s Book Club, which Morrison praised as a “reading revolution.”

The history of book clubs, however, stretches centuries before Oprah and Reese Witherspoon became mainstream. Literary circles were an excellent way to socialize, discuss ideas and talk about taboo issues that were not being spoken about in public.  

You can subscribe to Service95’s Book Club here

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