Oprah Winfrey Announces 100th Book Club Pick

Oprah Winfrey has officially revealed Ann Napolitano’s ‘Hello Beautiful’ to be her 100th book club choice following careful deliberation.

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For many authors, receiving a call from Oprah Winfrey regarding their book would be something of a surreal experience. Indeed, many of the books that receive a personal pick for Winfrey’s book club go on to attract significant attention. The latest of such choices is New York Times bestselling author Ann Napolitano’s Hello Beautiful, which was published this Tuesday.

Since its initial inception in 1996, Oprah’s Book Club has been instrumental in helping relatively obscure novels reach bestseller status through Winfrey’s recommendations. Even Oprah herself has marveled at the success and impact that the club carries, remarking that it was an awe-inspiring experience to see so many people commit to reading these books simply from her endorsements alone.

Hello Beautiful

Oprah Winfrey’s 100th book club pick was the result of several important criteria being met. She measures a book’s worth by the novel’s reach and whether the story moves her in ways that others do not. A book must take Oprah’s thoughts captive for the days to come with its featured characters -practically having to manifest themselves into reality in order to have a lasting impact on her.

Oprah Winfrey, posing with 'Hello Beautiful', her 100th book club pick.

From the bestselling author of Dear Edward, Ann Napolitano’s Hello Beautiful accomplishes just that by exploring several themes of love and tragedy while portraying a darkness that threatens to alter the course of the characters’ lives and drive a rift within their inseparable family. According to Winfrey, the novel’s overarching themes concerning family, determination, and perspective grant it a universal appeal.

This latest creation by Napolitano touches upon Winfrey’s instincts and earned its place as the latest addition to Oprah’s selection of books for all readers to acquire and enjoy.

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