Bookstr Picks: Villains We’d Love to Invite to Our Picnic

It’s picnic season, and that means it’s time to decide whose on your guest list. Here at Bookstr we decided to share with you which fictional villains we’d love to add to our list in honor of National Picnic Month.

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Summer provides a ton of fun outdoor activities, but picnics have to be one of our favorites. Picnics give us an outdoorsy retreat with delicious food and great company, but what if the company was a little more interesting? We all remember being asked in school which historical figure we’d like to meet, but what if you could invite any fictional villain to a picnic? In honor of National Picnic Month here are our picks for which fictional villain we’d love to go on a picnic with.

Kronos – Lore Olympus


It would be interesting to go on a picnic with Kronos from Lore Olympus. He’s definitely the type to talk about himself the whole time, but as someone who is more of a listener, I would be cool with that. I also think we would have a field day unpacking all his “daddy issues” and his need for control – which he’ll probably be offended by in the beginning, but I could ease him into talking about it. Furthermore, Kronos is a Titan so transportation to an awesome picnic spot would literally be a walk in the park for him, although I’m fine with picnicking in Tartarus too.

-Jhade Gales, Graphics

Loki – The Marvel Universe


I mean do I really have to explain why? No, we all get it, but I’m going to anyway. The man is HOT! He has one helluva sense of humor and is powerful AF! A picnic with him would never be long enough, but it’ll certainly be memorable!

-Kristi Eskew, Editorial

Regina George/ Cruella De Vil – Mean Girls/ 101 Dalmations


It’s a tie between Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians) and Regina George from Mean Girls which was based on the book Queen Bees and Wannabees. I could at least talk about fashion with Cruella De Vil, but I don’t support her treatment of animals or people. I want to ask Regina George if her Burn Book was her way of journaling. Although, it would be interesting to try to get President Snow (The Hunger Games) to talk about what happened with Lucy Gray before he became president. I’d definitely bring my own food.

-Christina Hardesty, Graphics

The Joker – The Dark Knight


When I say this, I have in mind Heath Ledger or Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Joker, or one that is true to the comic series. The character is obviously evil and sadistic, but the conversation about corruption and the social power dynamic that benefits the rich, as well as the concept of anarchy, would be an interesting one, to say the least. His actions are deplorable, but like most villains, he’s right about a lot of things. While I would obviously prefer to talk to Bat himself, if we’re talking villains I would pick Joker any day (so long as I’m not on the receiving end of his schemes!).

-Madison Weir, Editorial

Darth Vader – Star Wars


Obviously, Anakin Skywalker had his issues. There was probably a better way to handle the whole Jedi situation that didn’t consist of… well… everything he did. He would be a good picnic partner because of his power and his amazing suit and… okay, is he gone? Rebels while I am attending a picnic with Vader, it is time for an attack! I’ll distract him as long as I can. May the force be with you.

-Sarah Selan, Graphics

The Darkling – Shadow and Bone Trilogy


What can I say, he’s as charming as a villain can get. We can’t deny that he had Alina’s and our hearts fluttering in the first book. I think he would make an amazing contribution to a picnic because he has centuries’ worth of stories to tell. Yes, I know he allowed ambition to cause him to do a lot of terrible things, but I can’t deny that if he’s on the guest list I’m going. I just hope our picnic isn’t too close to the shadow fold.

-Koren Frideres, Social

Sauron – Lord of the Rings


I don’t imagine that the conversation at this picnic would be very scintillating, especially since Sauron’s words are so foul that they literally caused his messenger’s mouth to decay. However, I think it would be interesting to talk to an entity that is the embodiment of evil in an attempt to understand how his insecurities from always being second to Morgoth led to his desire for world domination. I specifically envision this picnic in the Shire prior to the formation of the Fellowship, because I think it would be funny for Sauron to be so close to his precious One Ring, yet unable to obtain it. Would Sauron sick his Nazgul on me after five minutes? Probably. But I’d die with a stomach full of Hobbit cuisine, so I would be at peace.

-Cara Hadden, Editorial

While we admit they may not be the best company, it certainly wouldn’t be boring. Let us know which villain you would invite to your picnic.

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