Bookstagram Helping to Organize Aesthetically Pleasing Bookshelves

Looking for shelfie inspiration to reorganize your bookshelf? Look no further, we’ve got some great Bookstagram inspo inside!

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woman in denim dress organizing her bookshelf

We bookworms love displaying our trophy reads and massive TBRs on beautifully curated bookshelves. And if you’re anything like it, you’re rearranging your bookshelves a few times a year depending on your mood, newly acquired books that you have to squeeze in, or by season. I love seeing the shelfies that bookstagrammers upload online. They’re so beautiful! If you’re running out of ideas for how to rearrange your shelves or just looking for some inspiration, I’ve gathered a few Booksagrammers to help out!

Rainbow Inspiration

I’m not going to lie; these are some of the most beautiful shelves out there, but I don’t think I could ever arrange my books like this. It’s very pleasing to the eye, but what about when I’m looking for a specific book?

Melissa at bookswithbuzzi sure does make me want to give it a try, though!

Spines In

Show those sprayed edges! You didn’t buy them not to look at them! Check out Steph’s at bookslovereaders!

There are also those who love the naked look. Less color popping. Me, I prefer to see the spine if the edges aren’t pretty. To each their own. There is a certain pleasantness in the calm this aesthetic brings to a room. Reading_with_chloe has a nice mix of the two.

Size Matters

Look how pretty this shelfie is from Janni at theladysparks! I could just sit and stare at her shelves all day! She’s arranged her books by genre, hardcover and paperback, and then by height. Yes, please!

Alphabetical Order, If You Please

Amber, from seekingdystopia has had the rainbow aesthetic for a while but recently decided to switch it up by arranging her book treasures by alphabet. It was so satisfying to watch her rearrange the shelves, and I’m not going to lie; I’m a bit jelly over her book ladder.

Fantasy: It’s Just So Pretty!

Fantasy books are some of the prettiest books there are. We can debate it, but this shelfie from Shanna at shannasaurus_rex_reads just kind of adds more evidence to my arsenal. The best part of fantasy novels is the interconnectedness that the spines sometimes have with one another. It’s like an appetizing meal but for the eye.

I just love a beautiful bookshelf, even though mine is quite a chaotic mess at the moment. These have most certainly given me some motivation and inspiration to get me to reorganize. How about you?

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