Bookshelf Wealth: Take a Look at Olivia Rodrigo’s Trendy Collection

Olivia Rodrigo shows off her trendy “bookshelf wealth.” Keep reading to see her viral collection and learn what “bookshelf wealth” really is!

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distinct bookshelf with decorations

“Bookshelf wealth” is an interior design trend that describes displaying a curated collection of objects, artwork, and books on your shelf. These bookshelves embrace a lived-in, well-read look. It is the opposite of a simple, minimalistic design and is more of an artsy mess of books gaining the attention of Gen Z, including Olivia Rodrigo.

Interior designer Charmaine Wynter describes Rodrigo’s shelves:

In this corner of Olivia Rodrigo’s living room, a warm and inviting atmosphere is beautifully captured. The shelves are adorned with copious books, each tile representing diverse interests that ignite the imagination and reflect a lifetime love of reading.

via Homes & Gardens

What Is “Bookshelf Wealth”?

Jennifer Ebert, an editor at Homes & Garden, explains “bookshelf wealth”:

Bookshelf wealth fits into the increasing trend towards personalization in interior design. Rather than choosing a look from a list of trends, people are more interested in building a space that feels distinct to their personality.

via Homes & Gardens
Olivia Rodrigo putting her Grammy on her bookshelf

Olivia Rodrigo’s Trendy Gen Z Shelves

Olivia Rodrigo’s version of “bookshelf wealth” has Gen Z in awe. It embraces Rodrigo’s individual personality rather than a classic look, reminiscent of the true meaning of “bookshelf wealth.” Her collection displays books with the spines in and not out, vases, candles, and her Grammy awards, proudly.

bookshelf with spines in, boks stacked, plants decorate the shelves

Shelves With Personality

“Bookshelf wealth” celebrates you and your individuality. It goes less for a classic, minimal look and embraces warmth and personality. This kind of collection goes for a specific look that is curated and artsy. It also features distinct ways to display your books: stacked on the floor or spines in rather than out. These designs spark interest and conversation among many different kinds of readers. It makes certain bookshelves stand out and shows your character. Check out Rodrigo’s collection for inspiration!

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