Bookish Pick-Up Lines Guaranteed to Make Your Book Lover Swoon

If you want to romance a reader you’re going to have to start speaking their language. Check our these clever pick up lines that will make the book lover in your life swoon.

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Man dressed in flannel helping grab a book off a shelf for a woman. He has a speech bubble above his head with the words are you an overdue book because you've got fine written all over you.

“Talk books to me” may be the sexiest thing a person can say to you, but we’re here to give you a few more clever ways to flirt with the book lovers in your life. Write one on a card, make it your Tinder opening line, or approach a book-struck girl or boy in a bookstore and give it your best shot. We can’t promise you’ll be able to compete with fictional characters, but one of these lines might increase your chances.

Opening Lines

Call me fanfiction…..because I could be your guilty pleasure.

Most readers have read their share of good and bad fanfiction, and there’s no denying it’s one of our guilty pleasures. Say the right words, and you could be one of our guilty pleasures, too.

Are you a book box? Because you’re the total package.

A book lover’s face lights up when they open a book box. Play your cards right, and you can invoke the same excitement with this line.

You’re like a great book. I could easily see myself staying up all night with you.

Use this line and prove that, like a great book, you’re worth losing sleep over.

I know books shouldn’t be judged by their covers, but you’ve already got my attention.

Appearance isn’t everything, but we can’t deny physical chemistry. Use this line to get yourself a date and then learn about the great story that lies within them.

You must be a cliffhanger because I’m dying to know more.

There are few things that book lovers crave more than the answers to the latest cliffhanger. Say this to them, and trust me, they’ll understand the appeal.

Say yes to a date and we can call this chapter one.

Open with this one-liner, and hopefully, your love story can commence.

Man and woman dressed in black smiling at each other in front of a bookshelf

Flirting with Your Partner

Are you a bookmark? Because you’re holding a place in my heart.

Repeat this, and you’re telling your book lover that, like a bookmark, they have a constant hold on your heart.

We’re pages that need to be bound together.

As readers, we appreciate everything about our books, including the binding. When you tell us this, you’re showing that we’re a worthwhile story meant to stay together.

You embossed your name on the pages of my heart.

A lot of readers find great pleasure in embossing their books, so for you to say this to us, you’re showing that we own a part of your heart.

A woman holding books smiling at a man who is smiling back at her as they stand between bookshelves

Call me your TBR….because you’ll never be done with me.

I’m convinced that no reader has ever finished their TBR list. Hit your significant other with this line and show them that, like their TBR, you’ll be a constant in their life.

The moment I saw you I could already see our epilogue.

Who doesn’t love a good epilogue? Write this on a card and show how you knew you were headed for happily ever after the minute you met.

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