Book Characters Who Would Make Awesome Bosses

Most of us have had to put up with working for a bad boss before. But what would it be like if one of these fictional book characters was your boss?

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You’d be lucky to have any of these following book characters as your boss. They would each be an absolute joy to work for!

Carlisle Cullen from Twilight

Carlisle Cullen

As we all know, Carlisle is a vampire who constantly represses his instinctual need for human blood. He’s also a medical doctor in close contact with patients all day long who are often times, you guessed it, bleeding! The fact that Carlisle was able to become a doctor, possibly one of the hardest jobs a vampire could subject themselves to, simply because he wanted to help humans instead of harm them, shows just how must self-control he really has. 

He is one of the most caring, gentle, and compassionate characters in the entire series, and that is why he would make an amazing boss. If you were late for your shift a the hospital because of a family emergency, Carlisle would understand. If you were a first-year resident trying to learn the ropes, Carlisle would be patient with you and help you out.

Jo March from Little Women

Jo March

Jo is an independent woman who knows exactly what she wants out of life, and exactly what she deserves – even if it took her a while to fully realize those things. If she ever became a boss, she would undoubtedly treat all of her employees with equal respect and dignity, since those are both virtues that she knows the value of firsthand. She would promote and expect greatness in the workplace, but she would also have grace and understanding for mistakes. 

Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games

Peeta Mellark

In my mind, after the events of Mockingjay, I think Peeta probably decided to go back to doing what he did best – bake bread. He probably opened up a nice little bread shop and baked until his heart’s content. Due to his kind and gentle nature, I think Peeta would be the best little baker boss there ever was. One thing is for certain, if you ever accidentally (or purposely, to keep your crush from starving) burnt a loaf of bread, Peeta would NOT give you a black eye, like his mother gave him.  

Atlas Corrigan from It Ends With Us

It Ends With Us book cover

Atlas came from humble beginnings. He went from being homeless as a child, with no one in his life to take care of him, to a chef and the owner of a successful and highly-rated restaurant. Because of the hardships of his background, and the compassion he was shown by Lily Bloom, he is fully aware of what a little kindness can do to alter the course of one’s life. 

I’m positive that Atlas would be the best chef boss you could ever have. Due to the fast-paced and high-stress environment in the kitchen of a renowned restaurant, one might expect someone like Atlas to be demanding, short-tempered, and callous, but that is just not the case. Atlas is known to be kind, compassionate, and caring. You certainly wouldn’t see him going all Gordon Ramsey on you if you worked in his kitchen!

And there you have it! In a world of difficult bosses, these book characters would not let you down. If only they weren’t fictional…

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