9 ‘Percy Jackson’ Characters That Could’ve Been Queer

Looking back at the ‘Percy Jackson’ series as an adult, I have one simple question. Were any of the characters queer-coded?

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I started reading the Percy Jackson And The Olympians series when I was twelve years old. As a little middle schooler, the adventures of the demigods from Camp Half-Blood captivated me.

Now that the live-action series on Disney+ has been announced, I feel just like a little kid again, booming with excitement and anticipation. But as an adult, I’ve always wondered if there was more LGBTQ+ representation in it than at first glance.

Rick Riordan’s novels have always tried to aim for diverse representation. The relationship between Nico di Angelo and Will Solace has warmed many fans’ hearts, but it also begs the question, what if there were more queer depictions in the series? Many within the fandom have created their headcanons, so here are nine Percy Jackson characters who could’ve been in the LGBTQ+ community.

1. Clarisse La Rue

Percy Jackson character that could've been queer. Clarisse La Rue in an orange shirt holding a spear.

At the top of my list is the one and only, Clarisse. This daughter of Ares didn’t start out as a fan favorite, but as she showed her loyalty, bravery, and hot temper, we slowly grew to love her. Between her short-cut hair and athleticism, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Clarisse grew up to be a butch lesbian.

Especially since she was extremely protective of her “very good friend” Silena Beauregard. Even though she tries to keep up her appearance as tough and mighty, she’s truly a softy when it comes to the people she loves.

2. Aphrodite

Percy Jackson character that could've been queer. Aphrodite in white dress with red flowers around her.

I don’t think there’s any question that the goddess of love herself would be attracted to all. People of all genders fall head over heels in front of her presence, and I think she finds the same feelings for those she comes in contact with. Even in Greek myths, Aphrodite has never strayed away from finding devotion in both men and women. 

Aphrodite gives her full attention to those she’s affectionate too. As a goddess of sexuality, sensuality, and desire, I think aphrodite sees those traits in everyone, no matter the gender of the person. As long as she feels love, Aphrodite would be happy with whoever she ended up with, even with her high standards.

3. Bianca di Angelo

Percy Jackson character that could've been queer. Bianca di Angelo holding a toy.

The daughter of Hades was a character who left us way too soon. In The Titan’s Curse, Bianca was finally starting to figure out who she was as a person. I think with a little more time with the Hunters of Artemis, she might’ve “come out” of her shell even more. In awe of her patron goddess, Bianca was a young girl who looked to the moon and stars for inspiration. I think many queer folks can understand that obsession.  

It would’ve also been such a tender moment to see Bianca and her younger brother, Nico, talk about their sexual orientations. Just imagine her comforting Nico after he was outed by Cupid. Rick Riordan truly robbed us of the queer di Angelo duo.

4. Dionysus

If the god of wine doesn’t remind you of a gay uncle at a family reunion, you might want to go back and re-read the books. I mean come on, not only does he give the kids at camp nicknames, but the campers also call him Mr. D. All good camp protectors are always a little bit fruity, especially when this one has a deep appreciation for grapes.  

Dionysus tries to come off as strong, but he truly cares about every person in Camp Half-Blood. He’s the big, grumpy protector of the camp. Not only does Dionysus just want to lay back and drink wine all day, but he’s also the god of fertility, parties, and theater. That triple-threat combination just screams gay camp counselor to me. 

5. Thalia Grace

Percy Jackson character that could've been queer. Thalia Grace holding a spear and a shield with a face on it.

Here we have another character who followed the Hunters of Artemis. Introduced in The Titan’s Curse, Thalia spent a good portion of her life as a tree, so it would make sense that she’d want to explore different aspects of herself once being returned to her human form. Sarcastic, unbothered, and courageous, Thalia has an energy that pulls everyone in.

With her bright blue eyes and electric black hair, she’d have anybody doing a double-take. After falling for Luke Castellan though, she might take some time to rethink her stance on relationships. Constantly surrounded by other women, I get the feeling that Thalia would feel more like herself in that environment.

6. Artemis

Percy Jackson character that could've been queer. Artemis from the graphic novel.

As a goddess who has sworn off the advances of men and marriage, Artemis deserves to be on this list. Surrounded by other women wherever she goes, Artemis is the goal of every lesbian on the planet. As the goddess of the moon and hunting, she cares deeply for her hunters and tries to ensure that they come back safe from every mission.

Artemis is like your best friend convincing you to leave behind your disappointing boyfriend, a fact that many in the queer community would rally around. In and out of the Percy Jackson series, Artemis has always been a deity that people turn to when reevaluating their relationships. 

7. Travis and Connor Stoll

Percy Jackson character that could've been queer. Travis and Conner Stoll high fiving each other in orange shirts.

These mischievous sons of Hermes had to be a part of this compilation. I always looked up to them when reading the books. And I think many people can attest to the big brother vibes the Stoll’s gave off. By helping new and unclaimed demigods, they’ve probably handled their fair share of coming-out crises. 

The two of them are some of the most charismatic siblings in Camp Half-Blood. With their charm, the brothers always try to impress whoever they can, even though their escapades don’t always go according to plan. As leaders of the Hermes’ cabin, they are characters that you can count on when you just need a laugh and some support. What’s not to like?

8. Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Percy Jackson character that could've been queer. Rachel Elizabeth Dare with bright red hair and black shirt.

This creative character had us all questioning ourselves in middle school. Rachel Elizabeth Dare was the witty, confident, and self-assured friend we wanted to be around. Donning her doodled jeans, frizzy hair, and a blue hairbrush in her back pocket, Rachel basically screams queer art student, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Not only does she have advanced artistic capabilities, but Rachel is a rare mortal that can see through the mist. Later on in the series, she even becomes the vessel for the Oracle of Delphi. At that point, she’s basically a badass witch. She is a girl you can always count on. Rachel is the type of person you either want to be or want to be with.

9. Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson character that could've been queer. Percy Jackson wearing armor, leaning against his sword.

Percy Jackson just radiates chaotic bisexual energy, and we all love him for it. Adventurous and carefree, Percy finds beauty in everything. In training sessions, he’s always in awe of those around him, wanting to emulate their techniques. As shown in the series, Percy is loyal to his core. He would quite literally give up immortality for the ones he loves.  

Added to all of this are his fun interests. Between his liking for blue-colored foods and constantly going on quests, Percy has fun no matter where he goes. As one of the most notable demigods in Camp Half-Blood, it’s no wonder that so many characters had a crush on him. He truly was the “It Guy.” Many within the Percy Jackson series have also gotten this vibe with the protagonist of the books. Once you emit bi vibes, they never go away. 

No matter the sexuality of these characters, they will forever stay in our hearts and childhoods. Reminiscing about the series as a young adult will always be fun, especially when you can come up with headcanons that include orientations that represent you. That’s the fun with fiction: anything can happen. 

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